Monday, January 10, 2011

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream: Addis Ababa

Saved the brightest for last! I think a lot of people will really love the colour of this one - it's a real "look at me" shade. Ten years ago, I'd have been all over it. It's a bit bright for me these days, sadly.

Addis Ababa outdoors in natural light, when first applied. 

Addis Ababa indoors with flash, when first applied. 

Addis Ababa outdoors in natural light, after 20 minutes. 

Addis Ababa indoors with flash, after 20 minutes.

Addis Ababa outdoors in natural light. 

Addis Ababa indoors with flash.


  1. That is by far my favourite of the NYX lip creams that you have reviewed. Gorgeous with your beautiful pale skin!

    I think I have too much yellow in my skintone to pull it off.

  2. Those lips belong to Noodle Arms - she is my Swatching Assistant. :-)

  3. That's actually a really pretty colour, I like!

  4. Noodle Arms has perfect swatching lips:) That colour is pretty much exactly what I have been looking for,you angel! Done!


  5. Yes please Miss Prissy Pants. I love the colour of this one very much.

  6. Yeh this has got to be the favourite of the bunch, so bright and punchy :)

  7. This looks great but it's the kinda product I'd buy and never ever use. I just don't think I have the kinda face that can pull off suck bright lip shades. Though I might actually use it if I was to apply a full face of rather OTT makeup on a day when I know I wont be leaving the house. Not that I'd do that of course cos it would be a bit sad *cough*

  8. Yeah, I'd never be sad enough to do anything like that either, Joy. *ahem*

  9. Hi, I'm from Brazil, I found your blog today and I loved!
    this color is beautiful, but I thought it was more pink, I mean, dark pink.

  10. Hi Paola - I'm glad you like my blog. :-)

    It is a bit surprising the difference between the colour in the tube and on the lips. It looks much darker and brighter in the tube.

  11. Thank you for following my blog :)

    I haven't tried NYX products before, but these lip colours look gorgeous! Thanks for the great swatches :) x

    Catherine x

  12. Hi Catherine! I'm a bit of a NYX junkie, and currently in the process of reswatching all my NYX products, so you'll be seeing a lot more of it if you keep reading! ;-)

  13. Landed on your blog as i was searching for this beauty which is so out of stock these days!