Sunday, February 13, 2011

Swatches: NYX Tinted Lip Spa

I have to apologise up front for not noticing a teeny bit of fluff stuck on one of these - gross, I know. My roof is being replaced at the moment (it's always something with this house) and there is dust and crap everywhere - it's impossible to avoid. I considered retaking the photos but it took me ages to do this, so I think we all live with a titchy bit of dust.

Top: Copacobana, Spirit, Sake
Bottom: Vintage, Jewel, Juicy

The Nyx Tinted Lip Spas a basically a lip balm - they have a minty sort of flavour, a bit like the ELF Liquid Lipsticks. I quite like them for summer - they're very sheer and just give a light tint, and they feel nice and moisturising (though I don't think they actually do much of anything in that regard). There's a really good review of them at Swatch and Learn that will tell you pretty much everything you need to know.

As usual, Noodle Arms loaned her lips for this series. The arm swatches were done quite heavily so you can see the shade of the lip tint properly, but you can see that on the lips they are all pretty sheer. 

Copacobana, Spirit, Sake




Vintage, Jewel, Juicy




My favourites of these are Sake, which is a lovely "my lips but better" tint, and Copacobana, which just adds a nice hint of pink.

EDIT: As Yarisse pointed out in the comments, these have a tendency to melt in warm weather - I should have thought to mention that. I keep all of my lipsticks in the fridge, since it gets awfully hot here in the summer. 


  1. I like the hint of colour they give and also the minty flavour. What I don't like is how easily they melt. It is never more than 30°C in my room, even during summer, but these tend to melt regardless the temperature.

    Great swatches, btw!

  2. they look so pretty! I'm liking Vintage and Juicy

  3. Nice swatches! I love Copacobana and Spirit. xo

  4. My fav is Spirit for a nice nude-ish colour ^_^ Recently I've been reaching for Orange Passion for a small hint of colour as well

  5. Yarisse - you're right about that. I keep mine in the fridge (along with all of my lipsticks, as I live in a hot area and don't have air con).

  6. These are amazing swatches thanks! I'm a new follower : )

  7. Hi littlelucy - thanks for reading my blog!

    I hope you find the swatches useful. :-)