Saturday, August 21, 2010

Review: ELF Liquid Lipstick

A few weeks ago when I got my tax return, I decided to have a teeny splurge at Nonpareil (who currently have 20% off everything, by the way), even though there was absolutely nothing I needed, and not even anything I was really craving. But I haven't bought any makeup products since May, and I just wanted to buy something. Enter ELF Liquid Lipsticks.  At $1.10US each, it satisfied my need to spend some money without making much of a dent in my bank account. I also bought a couple of Milani eyeliners, but I'll talk about those in another post.

They're not really a lipstick at all - they're a lip gloss. The packaging is similar to the Stila Lip Glazes, except it has a sponge-tip applicator rather than a brush. The formula is nice as lip glosses go - not too sticky, not too wet. They don't last long, but what gloss does? Noodles has kindly agreed to be my lip model for swatch purposes, but as she has quite pigmented lips (as do I), it's hard to tell much difference between the colours, so I've included an arm swatch as well for a better look. I think I did the font too small on the pictures too. D'oh!

Bark - inside with flash
Bark - outside with no flash
Baby Lips - inside with flash
Baby Lips - outside with no flash
Pink Lemonade - inside with flash
Pink Lemonade - outside with no flash
Cherry Tart - inside with flash
Cherry Tart - outside with no flash



  1. They look like really nice shades! Cherry Tart is lovely

  2. Cherry tart is my favourite of the swatches - and what a great price!

  3. Cherry Tart is lovely, but my favourite is Pink Lemonade. And yes - you can't beat that price!

  4. I can totally see why you like Pink Lemonade Dee, it looks stunning!
    Definitely checking these out!

  5. I'm so glad you did these swatches. ELF products are hit and miss in the $1 range but I love these.