Sunday, August 22, 2010

Perfumes tested this week.

I had this week off (back to work tomorrow - sad face), and I didn't do much of anything besides reading books and messing about on the internet, so I got quite a bit of perfume testing done. As I said last week, I am working through my untested perfume oils alphabetically, and I'm up to D now. Still a way to go!

BPAL Come To Me: This smells like rose-scented soap - the kind of thing you would buy your Grandma in the chemist at the last minute when you realise you've forgotten her birthday. Lucky it has no staying power.

BPAL Cupcake Spatter Pattern Analysis: This is just milk chocolate, and quite faint. If you have ever sniffed a block of Cadbury Dairy Milk, that's pretty much what Cupcake Spatter is. It doesn't really change, and it doesn't last terribly long.

BPAL Danse Macabre: This is one of those BPALs I wanted to try purely because of the name. Stephen King's book of the same name is a favourite of mine. It's a very green, herby scent with quite a sharp dirt note upfront. Not entirely unpleasant, but not at all me. I think it would smell better on a man.

Scent By The Sea Dark Patchouli: This is exactly what you would expect from the name. If you like patchouli, you will love it. Personally, I am not a fan.

Poison Apple Potions Death By Sugar: This is a very simple, burnt sugar/toffee scent - the kind I really like but feel I'm too old for these days. It lasts for AGES. I applied it early in the morning and could still smell it on my wrists when I went to bed.

BPAL Debauchery: This starts off as a huge, headkicker opium musk, but after about 30 minutes it fades into a more generic musk scent.

BPAL Dee: Well, I had to try this one, didn't I? The opening note is one of the nicest leathers I've ever smelled - leather is a note I usually intensely dislike. It settles eventually to a warm, woody tonka. It's definitely a man's scent, and it's really, really attractive. If I walked past some guy in the street wearing this, I'd probably follow him home.

BPAL Delight: It starts of as a lovely creamy floral, but after about half an hour it morphs into some weird, unpleasant plastic scent and then completely disappears.

Haus Of Gloi Depravity: A spicy scent of nutmeg and cloves that goes musty on me disappointingly quickly. An hour or so later it turns into a warm amber, but it's very faint.

Fridays are my free day, when I can wear one of my favourite perfumes. This week I decided to try one of the commercial fragrances I haven't gotten around to testing yet - Miller Harris Rose en Noir (which translates in Babelfish to "pink in black"... odd). I'm still undecided about it, and I need to try it again. My first thought was, "Meh, Yardley Roses", but it morphs into something a bit deeper. Unfortunately it has very little staying power on me - unusual for both Miller Harris scents and rose perfumes generally. Both seem to last forever on my skin, whether I want them to or not! I had to respray every couple of hours, and never really formed a lasting opinion about it. I'm going to try it again today, if I ever get around to having a shower and getting dressed.


  1. Loving the alphabetical order in which you are testing perfumes! Some familiar names there.
    Like I said, it is nice to have a scent with your name especially something that smells nice :)

  2. Great to hear your thoughts on these! I love the sound of the yummy-man-leather haha if only I could get my boy to wear any of the 15 colognes he already owns *rolls eyes*

  3. I was really surprised with Dee - I generally don't like male scents on me at all. I definitely think this will be a full bottle one!

  4. When mum was over last weekend we looked up all the scents she loves and they ALL had patchouli. I wonder if she'd like that patchouli one you mentioned above or would it be too patchouli?