Sunday, October 25, 2009

Whatever happened to...?

Vanity cases?

Oh, I know you can now get those big ugly foldy-out black-and-metal monstrosities that are all corners and handles, but whatever happened to the old-fashioned round ones where everything was chucked in together? You know the kind I mean.


I had a cream one when I was a teenager. I don't even know it came from; it certainly wasn't new when I got it. It may have been my mum's, though she never had the slightest interest in make up, so I'm not sure she would have owned such a thing. It was a bit battered around and scuffed, and had pale pink fake satin lining. I loved it. I piled in all of my make up and took it with me every time I slept overnight at a friend's house.

I think I am now going to go on a mission to find one. Everything retro is hip these days, surely they must be around somewhere.

I am tempted to buy the repro one from Glamourpuss, but they only have the flamingo pink, which isn't my favourite colour. I'd love a red one. Or even my old cream one back. I wonder whatever happened to that.

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