Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Not quite a trout pout, maybe a goldfish.

I have annoyingly thin lips. I can't wear red lipstick, and I have to always wear a lipliner if I'm wearing a lipstick that has any real colour in it or it just bleeds everywhere. I've tried a few lip-plumping products, but I am pretty skeptical about such things, so I haven't made any major effort to find The One.

As part of my current obsession with all things Dimitri, I bought 3X Lip Volumizing Serum in a kit from the shopping channel (I know that makes me a saddo. Shut up.). And I have to say, it actually works. I've been using it two or three times a day for a couple of weeks, and there is a definite plumping of my lips. I asked Makeup BFF J and Noodle Arms, and they both agreed they could see a difference.

Don't get me wrong - you won't get Lisa Rinna lips (not that I would personally want that, but some people seem to think that's a look to go for), and I'm assuming that it only actually works while you're consistently using the product. However, for a noticeable plumping and a more defined lipline, this is a great product that does what it claims to do. It's quite nice as a lip moisturiser too, and it has a pleasant bubble-gum scent. I would certainly buy it again.

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