Saturday, December 12, 2009

Swatches: 88 Ultra Shimmer Palette

I had to nick that photograph from Google images, because I stupidly forgot to take a photo of my own palette before I completely trashed it by swatching. I'm not kidding - this stuff goes everywhere. Lucky for me, I got it for nothing and I don't mind if it gets a bit messy.

So in order of those rows as above, here are the swatches. The nice straight ones are me swatching on Noodle Arms. The wonky, all-over-the-place ones are Noodle Arms swatching on me. I think she's hit cocktail hour a little early.

I never would have bought this palette for myself, because I'm not that much into shimmer. I like a bit here and there,  but not all over the place. However, I'm glad I didn't pay money for this palette, because a lot of the colours don't actually have any shimmer - they're basically the same as the ones in the original 88 palette. They're a bit hit and miss as well - some of them have great pay-off, and some hardly any at all. The fallout is immense, and some of them have chalky, lumpy bits in them. Overall, I wouldn't recommend it myself. But YMMV, as they say on the Wide Wide World Of Web.

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