Thursday, December 24, 2009

Swatches: NYX

Makeup BFF J came over this morning and we went out for breakfast. She brought over all of her NYX to swatch, since I've noticed that many of the search parameters of people who find their way to my blog are looking for NYX swatches. And you know me - I give the people what they want!

First of all, this is J's new NYX Runway Palette. She wouldn't let me swatch it because it's all new and shiny, so we just took a picture of it with flash and without flash:

I like the look of this palette, very wearable neutral colours, but not boring. I'd probably buy this if I hadn't already sworn off new purchases for a while (more about that later in the week).

Anyway, on to the swatches. First up, NYX single eyeshadows - these were all swatched over Benefit Lemon-Aid primer:

From left: Opal, Highlight, Cotton Candy, Shimmer, Jungle Fever.

From left: Champagne, Iced Mocha, Utopia Gold, Deep Bronze.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils (a couple of these have been swatched before as I also have them):

From left: Milk, Cottage Cheese, Iced Mocha, Horse Radish.

NYX Round Lipsticks:

From left: Vitamin, Jupiter, Watermelon, Thalia, Frappucino, Sky Pink, Pumpkin Pie, Chambord.

From left: Cinnamon Sugar, Uranus, Perfect, Cream, Darling, Earth Angel.

From left: Iced Honey, Ceto, Clio, Iris, Summer Love.

 And finally, NYX Mega Shine Lipglosses. The sun caught the shine of these and there's a big streak across them, so the colours didn't show up as well as I'd have liked.
 From left: Lollipop, Oro, Iced Latte, Chestnut, Sponge Cake, Natural, Smokey Look, Copper Penny.

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