Saturday, January 30, 2010

What I loved in January.

I was going to add a couple of pics of my favourite January products to this post, but The Photographer has just informed me that he left his fancypants camera at a relative's on Australia Day when he was up in the hills eating lamb on a spit and ageing himself 25 years by sitting in the hot sun drinking Cooper's Sparkling all day. This inconveniences me greatly, because he probably won't get around to collecting it for weeks. He's not the most dynamic of "do-ers", it has to be said. Hmmph. I'll just have to do a bunch of links instead. NOT THE SAME.

Anyway, there were a few things I found myself going back to over and over in January, primarily the Stila Natasha Lipstick I bought on the cheap in Smart Poppy's clearance sale at the end of last year. I adore this colour - it's a light, shimmery pink that is flattering and not at all frosty or over-done. I'm considering buying another one as a back up, because I suspect this might actually be the first ever lipstick I use up entirely!

My other favourite lipstick this month was NYX Heather, a natural rosy brown colour. I tended to stick to both of these lipsticks all month because they go well with a lot of different eye colours, and I was trying to wear different eyeshadows every day, since I have so many...

Although I tried to use a lot of different perfumes this month (I currently have over 60 different imps and decants I'm testing out!), I did keep coming back to a few - my much beloved BPAL Jazz Funeral, Fendi Theorema, and Serendipitous. The one I received the most comments on, however, was Snake Oil. It is no mystery why this is BPAL's best selling perfume. It's GORGEOUS. I intend to order about 37 more bottles of this. I never want to run out of it.

Other products I showered with love and attention this month included NYX Slim Lipliners in Natural and Citrine (can't find a good picture), NARS Eyeshadow in Fathom, Everyday Minerals eyeshadows in Smokey Pink, Parasail and Shopping Spree, and NYX Single Eyeshadow in Sparkle Cedar (which looks gorgeous on the lid with Red Bean Pie or Beauty Queen in the crease).

And finally, I've been using NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Slate quite a lot to pull the eye looks together in general (when I've finished growing my eyebrows back I might start posting EOTD pics). I am loving this colour - not as harsh as a black, but still adds good definition.

So looking at all that, there seemed to be a lot of pink going on in January. In February I want to try to get into blues and purples more - I have so many to choose from!

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