Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Noodle Arms' birthday presents

It's Noodles' birthday at the end of the month, and she made the following requests (and got them, as you can see - it's kind of turning into a birthmonth really - she's being totally spoiled).

I love this apron so much - I want one for myself now. I bought it from here. Noodles is really chuffed with it.

And then there's the cupcake stand she wanted. Bought this from eBay.

And finally a super cute necklace, from this Etsy shop.

She also wants some more perfume and some makeup brushes, and then I have to think of some small thing she doesn't know about so she actually gets a surprise present.

Man, I wish I got that spoiled on my birthday!


  1. Oh I love the cake stand... so pretty pretty!

  2. I cant wait for her to fill it with cakes to share!!!