Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Current Favourite Eyeshadows

I am at home today, and very bored. I have been entertaining myself by deciding on my current favourite eyeshadows, and then swatching them. Thrilling stuff, let me tell you. It's terribly overcast here in Adelaide, and some of these swatches have come out looking considerably different to the way they actually look on me. Ondine, for example, is usually a plummy brown with low shimmer on my eyelids, but in that picture it's leaning more towards gold.

Never mind, the snaps have been snapped now, so here are my current favourites, in no particular order.

This is my absolute favourite of the Aromaleigh swatches I bought recently - I've just applied it over NYX White Eye Base here, but it's even more gorgeous foiled.
Oddly, when applied this eyeshadow looks almost black, nothing like this swatch picture. Even more oddly, it does look very blue in the pan - I had a bit of a shock the first time I used it.
I have at least four of these pink-with-gold-shimmer eyeshadows. I should probably stop buying them.
This is my favourite of the Alice In Wonderland palette (where it is called Queen). I do love the pigmentation of Urban Decay, but they don't sell them in Australia so I have very few colours. I will be getting my friend to stock up for me when she goes to the US later this year.
Okay, this looks like I have been punched in the wrist, but on the eyelid it is a gorgeous purple with green shimmer. I also love Wet'n'Wild Fine Wink (fourth from left), but Noodle Arms made off with that one a few weeks ago and I haven't seen it since.
I get this one out three or four times a week - it's great for the outer V.
Another good outer V colour - I'm a bit old to be slathering sparkly blue eyeshadow all over myself, but a bit of blue with a neutral colour is lovely, and a great way to zing up a boring work face.
Another one that looks like a bruise in the swatch, but in real life it's much nicer. A purple colour with green shimmer.
I love, love, love green eyeshadows - I have loads of them. This one is by far my favourite.
This is one of those palettes that comes in a GWP with a blush and bronzer. Another of those pink-with-gold-shimmer ones, I had a bit of a shock the first time I applied it and ended up looking like an ageing Vegas showgirl. I've learned how to tone it down though, and every time I wear these colours I get a lot of compliments.

So tell me your current favourite eyeshadows!

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  1. Don't stop buying pink with golden shimmer!

    How gorgeous is frosted ocean... so pretty... and would TOTALLY make me look like I had been punched in the eye! lol

    You also reminded me to get out my clinique duo.. which makes me wonder where the hell are they and did I give them to my mum...hmmm...