Friday, May 28, 2010

Etsy roundup

This is the last of my Etsy hauls for the forseeable future. There are so many cute little things on there, it's too tempting to just keep buying a bit of this and a bit of that and it all adds up. Agh! Why must you tempt me, Etsy???? Anyway, these are my most recent purchases.
What's in here then?

I just love the way The Morbid The Merrier wraps their orders. Getting nicely wrapped packages is like a mini-Christmas! I've become quite a fan of this little e-shop - their perfume oils are lovely and have good staying power (my favourite so far is Aurora, a yummy chocolate coconut scent). Their lip balms are moisturising without feeling sticky, and you all know how I feel about stickiness!
Yet another little order from my current favourite - Haus Of Gloi. Rumour has it they are bringing out soapy scrubs. Wheee!
Latherati Soap makes products inspired by classic literature. What a neat idea! I will do a proper review of these in the very near future, so I won't say too much about them now other than to tell you that I got perfume oils in Sinister (Something Wicked This Way Comes), Celebration (The Great Gatsby), Tara (Gone With The Wind), and Dust Bowl (To Kill A Mockingbird).
I bought two scented soy candles and a solid perfume from Mrs TattooedGeek, and also received a free fridge magnet (not in the picture - on the fridge!), and an extra solid perfume free. I love these little tins, and let me tell you, internets - the Melted Vanilla Ice Scream candle is DIVINE.
And finally, two sets of perfume oil samples from Scent By The Sea. These come in little brown apothecary bottles with card labels - they're just lovely. I haven't had a chance to sniff them all yet, but I'm wearing one today called Egyptian Honey, a delicious creamy honey musk scent. Om nom nom. That's not all of them in the picture - each set has 10 perfumes so I have 20 in all. Eeek!


  1. oh everything looks so cute. I cannot wait to look at the soy candles....I can feel myself being enabled here.

    And I have to agree that the Egyptian Honey smelt lovely today.

  2. How cute is the packaging, all wrapped up like candies! Love the sound of the perfume oils, especially the chocolate- coconut and the honey one, yum! Definitely going to check out those stores, thanks for sharing Dee :)