Saturday, May 8, 2010

Hair cuts

Noodle Arms and I have been to the hairdresser's today - we were way past due for a cut. It was a very pleasant afternoon - the ladies were lovely, and boy did they know an easy sell when they saw one. We came out $300 poorer, but with great hair, waxed eyebrows, and a whole load of products:

I've never really used any Dermalogica before, besides a couple of samples here and there. Noodles has a lot of the Clean Start products, and they're really good. I tried out a few while Noodles was getting her hair cut (very smart move on their part, not doing both at the same time!), and they felt really nice, so of course I bought a trial pack, despite the fact that I have a ton of other skincare I am supposed to be working through (hence the P10P - gee, that's going well). I also bought a bottle of Precleanse oil, though I consider that a legitimate purchase, because I'm using the YSL Silky Cleansing Oil at the moment and that will be finished soon. Because I had two skincare purchases I got a free gift, which is that little box of Age Smart stuff, and a free facial within the next four weeks (where no doubt I'll be sucked into buying more products, lol).

And of course the hairdresser got me to buy a bottle of shampoo after I shamefacedly admitted that despite using Terax Crema, when it comes to shampoo I tend to just go for any old supermarket crap. 

I am a dream customer for these kinds of businesses, because I can be talked into anything. I sound like I'm complaining, but actually I didn't mind. I was expecting to come away with at least a couple of things, and they were really nice and attentive to both Noodles and myself. And we're both happy with our hair, so success all around, I'd say. Here are our before and after pics. First is me:

And Noodle Arms:


  1. Wow they did a great job with both of you, your daughter has lovely colour!

  2. I am very envious of Noodles' hair - it's very lush and healthy!

  3. I love your cut Dee.
    I say if you're going to have a girls day out for pampering you might as well bring some goodies home as a momento.

  4. Dee ur hair looks great!! I look forward to seeing it tomoz! I didn't think ur hair was that long in the first place!!!

  5. Thanks, Steggers. :-) I don't even know when you would have seen it down last - I always have it up at work because it was driving me nuts.