Wednesday, May 5, 2010


The one good thing about ordering from companies that take AGES to ship is that you get so excited when they finally turn up. Today I received some more eyeshadows from The She Space. Again, not wrapped tightly enough so the lids were loose and some of one spilled, thankfully only a tiny bit this time. But seriously, TSS - get your act together with the packaging. Jeez.
tss cinderella
That said, I do love these colours!

I also received some Pure Luxe samples that I ordered about a million years ago. I love the fact that they come in little jars instead of bags, and unlike TSS, these were wrapped snugly with the lids on nice and tight. I will swatch them on the weekend, once I've paid off Noodle Arms.
pure luxe 2
pure luxe 1

When I was putting the lids back on after photographing them, look what happened to my trust fund! I managed to scrape some back with a plastic spoon, though.

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