Monday, May 10, 2010

Swatches: Pure Luxe eyeshadows

This is another order that I did ages ago and they finally turned up last week. The main thing I liked was that they came in jars instead of baggies. I don't get as annoyed by baggies as some people, but I do prefer jars. And unlike The She Space, these were all tightly wrapped up, with the lids on snugly. Good packaging, Pure Luxe!

These were all swatched dry over BeneFit Lemon Aid primer. I love the colours, but the powder is so fine that it goes EVERYWHERE. I wouldn't wear these during the week because I wouldn't have the time to clean up the powdery mess on my face before work. You can see some of the spatters in the photographs, even though I rigorously tapped the brush before applying the swatches.



  1. Great colours, I really liek the Pure Luxe shadows! Although I've hardly mentioned them on my blog - I love that they come in jars too

  2. hey these look gorgeous.... stop it you enabler!

  3. Stef, do you find they are messier than most?

    J - they are really nice, and you know how we love the samples-in-jars thing!