Sunday, May 2, 2010

Swatches: The She Space

Well, as expected, these were very hit and miss. Some of the colours are really lovely - the greens in particular. And some of them are rubbish, frankly. Along with the crappy packaging, I would have been really annoyed if I had paid full price for these. However, I didn't, so over all I'm reasonably happy with them.
As you can see, caking is a bit of a problem with many of them. In the first couple of photos I was swatching with a damp brush but that was just creating clumps, so I switched to swatching them dry over lip balm. It wasn't much better. It will take some work to figure out how to make the best of these, which is kind of annoying. Eyeshadow should not be work.









  1. hmmmm, I'm really worried about mine then to! I have the product to make it into a paste, so maybe I'll try that when I finally get mine. I didn't get ANY of those colours though!! I'm lovin' the "next stop oz" colour!!!

  2. I would say "caking is a bit of a problem " looks like an understatement.

  3. To be fair, I was a bit half-arsed because there were so many and I couldn't be bothered messing about but yeah... shouldn't be getting lumpy like that. And what with the packaging dramas, it's not really a company I would rush back to, to be honest.

    Steggers, the greens are really nice, and they seem to be a lot smoother than many of the others. And don't forget the challenge tomorrow!

  4. The first looks like the perfect shade for mermaid themed eyes. Gorgeous!

  5. Belle, I thought that too - I kept referring to it as Mermaid Green and Noodles had to correct me!

  6. I use my TSS wet in a thin layer then I apply a dry layer over the top, this builds intensity without the caking. Also they work well over the mac paintpots - hopefully you can make them work b/c the colours are stunning!