Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Like a weight watcher the day before hitting the lettuce and treadmills, I had a bit of a shopping binge on Sep 30, before I hit No Buy Month in October, and one of my orders arrived today:

I've been seeing and hearing about these Sleek palettes a lot, and after seeing Dazzledust25's swatches of the Storm palette (the second one up there) I just had to have one. But when I went to order it I saw the Original palette (top pic) and couldn't decide between the two, so I bought both. I was hoping to get swatches done but Noodle Arms went on a sleepover last night and stayed up all night, so when I got home from work she was starfished on the day bed, snoring her head off. Hopefully tomorrow! I bought mine from Crush Cosmetics, but I found out later that I could have bought it directly from Sleek, and it would have been cheaper. Oh well.

As well as that, Chloeblue brought me in some nail polishes that we had ordered a while ago - I realised recently that I didn't really have any Spring kind of nail colours; mine are all dark or brownish. I got some Essie ones - Turquoise & Caicos, Demure Vixen and Lapis Of Luxury. Noice!


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  2. Let's try that again... those palettes look interesting, a closer inspection is definitely required - and how gorgeous do the Essie shades look!

    Spring is here... squee!

  3. Oh pretty! Love those palettes! The pink Essie nail polish looks beautiful and very spring-y :)

  4. I have the sleek storm palette and love it so so much!

  5. Ive been eyeing off that last Sleek Palette for a while...will probably cave and buy it soon!
    Thanks for following my blog too! :)

  6. Hi Tea - thanks for reading! :-)