Sunday, October 24, 2010

Random Sunday morning ramblings

This is what my bathroom currently looks like - it's FINALLY being renovated after months of talk. Being such a tiny room in a tiny house, it's not going to be anything super fantastic in the end, but it will be nice to have something white and bright and clean, after several years of scuzzy 1970s orange floor tiles and a never-ending battle with a moulding shower curtain and 20 years of tile grout.

Not having a working bathroom at the moment is a pain in the arse, though as luck would have it, my landlady owns a currently vacant unit three doors down, so we have somewhere we can go and shower and uh - do whatever else one does in bathrooms. I haven't bothered with makeup since they started, other than a bit of tinted moisturiser and some mascara to make me look vaguely alive - we're washing our faces in the kitchen sink sans mirror, and trying to do the full palaver of makeup removal and double cleanse is just too much hard work in that situation. My poor old skin will be looking a bit rough by the time the week is up, no doubt. As will Noodles' - though she doesn't care, she loves an excuse not to have to wash (ew).

Once the bathroom is done, the kitchen is next. That should only take a day or two, as they're not changing the structure, just replacing the cupboards and benches, and installing a dishwasher. Frankly, I could easily live without a dishwasher - I'd much rather have air conditioning. I said as much to my landlady, but she pretended she didn't hear me. *sigh* Another sweltering Adelaide summer to enjoy...

And a random question: are you a breakfast person? What do you have for breakfast? Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day - for years I would get up at ridiculous hours of the morning in order to make time for  proper breakfast - poached eggs, mushrooms on toast, proper porridge, etc. I've slacked off this year and most days I don't have time for anything more than toast and Vegemite or one of those diet shake things, but on weekends, I usually have bacon and eggs, or Noodles makes pancakes. She makes the best pancakes I've ever had - way better than mine.


  1. Good luck with the renovations! I'm sure the end product will be worth the wait/hassle etc.

    As for breakfast, I've been slacking off in that department too. One thing I do often do though is soak oats in almond milk overnight, and then eat them in the morning with sliced banana/strawberries/blueberries/whatever I can get my hands on. Very yum!

  2. What proportion of oats to milk do you use?

  3. Oh, I can imagine all the renovations taking a toll on your beauty routine. Hope your bathroom is ready soon, shiny and new :)

    I am not much of a brekkie person, my typical breakfast is a glass of Milo or Nesquick or whatever is at home. Today though, we are having avocado and jam on linseed toast with baked beans, mushrooms and a hot cup of sambar soup for sunday brunch :)

  4. Hoping the new bathroom is worth all the stress :) as for brekkie I love weet bix, or oats/yogurt or bacon, snags, tomato, mushies :D GET IN MY BELLY!

  5. I hope the renovations are over quickly and painlessly.

    I'm not usually a breakfast person, I can't handle eating first thing in the morning, however since I got pregnant I'm loving breakfast. I could happily eat all day at the moment :)

  6. I would need to be sedated if my bathroom was being renovated...that's my sanctuary.

  7. On weekdays I loathe breakfast, but it's a must for me to survive. I usually force down some toast and tea while watching the morning news on ABC and cuddling Karl.

    On weekends however, I LOVE breakfast. I will either make the effort to make something a bit special or of course go out.

  8. I've seen a lot of your breakfasts, Amy.


  9. I usually skip out on breakfast because I find I am too lazy to make anything worth eating. I grew out of sugary cereals so now if I do eat something its a piece of fruit, maybe a yogurt, some OJ and coffeex3.