Sunday, October 10, 2010

Review: Perfumatory Whipped Shower and Shave Cream

I'm generally loathe to say bad things about a company, especially if I have only had one interaction with them - I just tend to move on and not deal with them again. For all I know it could be a one off and every other customer has received brilliant service, so I don't want to tar someone online with my one personal experience.

Having said that, my whole experience with Perfumatory has been a bit... slapdash. First of all - the length of time it took to get my order, which I mentioned in my previous post - was kind of ridiculous. I ordered the stuff on 18th September and received it on 7th October (I'm in South Australia, they're in Western Australia). When I hadn't received it by 1st October (pretty much two weeks after ordering), I emailed the store, only to discover it hadn't even been posted yet. The owner advised that she'd been caught up with school holidays, kids, etc. etc. I get that, I really do. But you know... you're running a business. Either run the business or shut down for the holidays. Come on, man. Waiting two weeks for an order to even be sent is pretty ridiculous. I'm not even going to go into the fact that I received CnS notices for three other people besides myself...

So anyway, I finally get my order and I'm pretty chuffed with it all - it smells (mostly) great, and I can't wait to try it out. This morning I thought I'd have a crack at the shower whip - which I'd ordered in the 2oz size, but the owner had upsized to 4oz. That was super nice of her... except she hadn't. She'd written on the invoice "upsized from 2oz to 4oz", and the jar was the same size as the 4oz salt scrub, but when I took it into the bathroom with me this morning I noticed the label said 2oz. Curious, I weighed it, and sure enough, it weighs a total of about 150g, while the Salt Scrub weighs about 200g (allowing for about 100g for the weight of the jar, that means the salt scrub is double the weight of the whip, and yet they are both supposedly 4oz). Now, what I ordered and paid for was 2oz, so if that's what I received, then fine, but why say it's upsized if it isn't?

Like I said, I don't want to colour people's opinions based on my one experience, so I'm not going to tell you not to bother with this company. I think they're worth checking out and judging for yourself. Just, you know, be aware...

Having said all that, here is my review of the product I tried today - Kiss Of The Vampire Whipped Shower and Shave Cream

I have seen whipped soap on various websites, and I've never really considered it because I'm pretty much a body wash kind of gal. However, I'm also a leg-shaving kind of gal, so it was actually the "shave cream" bit rather than the "whipped shower" bit that caught my attention here. Because of my inexperience, I had to actually Google to find how to use it - and Google wasn't much help, to be frank. Lots of info about how to make it, not so much about how to use it (this, by the way, is how I ended up reading the label and noticing the size in the first place). In the end I just dug my fingers in, smeared some on my pink spongy net washing thing (I'm going to refer to those from now as Spingies*) and it seemed to lather up well. For this product I had chosen the scent Kiss Of The Vampire, which I have to say, I just love.

Instantly entrancing, Kiss of the Vampire isn't quite gothic and mysterious, which is a little unexpected given its name. But, what it is, is a hypnotic Vanilla & Sugar potion that kisses the skin with a touch of sweetness. A bite of Bourbon Vanilla entwined with just a whisper of White Flowers, makes this sniff simply irresistible!

One of the good things about this company is that you can choose the strength of your scent. I went for MAX POWER on all of mine, as mentioned in the previous post, so this smelled really lush as I was using it. The scent doesn't really last once you rinse it off, but I find that's pretty much the same for most shower products, so that's not an issue for me. I just enjoy it in the moment. I would definitely have liked to have a body cream in the same scent to follow with, though.

I liked the feel of the whip, and as I said it did lather up well with only a little bit of product, but I'm not sure it's something I'd use that often. This has nothing to do with the company - it's just that I find it a bit awkward standing in the shower opening a jar and trying to get product on a Spingie without getting any water in the jar. I have a crap shower, it has to be said. Maybe if I had a giant spiffy one with lots of shelving and bits where the water doesn't hit I'd be more inclined to indulge myself with this sort of product.

As for the shaving aspect, I didn't find it any different to lathering up a good head of any old shower gel and using that to shave with, which is what I usually do.

Afterwards my skin felt soft and smooth, no doubt due to the cherry kernel and avocado oils it contains. I can't fault the quality of this product, only the lengths I had to go to to get my hands on it!

*Spingie is a captcha word that popped up when I posted a comment on Chloeblue's blog the other day. I liked it so much I felt I had to find a meaning for it so I could use it, and as I was typing up this review it suddenly occurred to me that it was the perfect word for those spongy net washing things.


  1. hmm interesting thoughts on the company; I had a similar waiting time for my order (approx 2.5-3 weeks) and then the issues with the sample vials breaking. *sigh* I'm trying to remain open minded.

  2. I'll be very interested to hear your thoughts when you review them. I know what you mean about remaining open-minded. I want to like them, but I only have so much patience.

    I'm still annoyed about the limit on samples, too. For a site that has over 200 different scents, setting a limit of 6 samples is a bit offputting.

  3. Very slack of the company and the upsize-downsize thing sounds very, um, gimicky. I definitely expect better service than this. We do pay for the samples by the looks of it, then why limit them?

    I'm not too keen on bath/shower stuff. I'll wait for your review (and Stef's review too) of the perfume oils. If they sound good enough, I'll may go for it. Thanks for sharing your honest experience :)

  4. I'm with Su on this one.

    Oh and I love my spingie... it's purple lol

  5. Su, I don't think they're oils - I think they're alcohol.

  6. I haven't tried this company as yet, not since she's moved to Australia, but the owner used to run another co. in Canada, one of my long time faves. Love the look of her new packaging and I believe the size on the labels reflects the size not the weight of the product.