Saturday, November 20, 2010

NYX Nude On Nude Palette

I picked up the NYX Nude On Nude palette recently on a whim while looking for Jumbo Eye Pencils on Nonpareil, mainly because I've been on a bit of a neutral kick lately. I was really surprised by how small it is - it's teeny tiny; that's Noodle Arms above holding it in her hands. It's very cute though, and being small it would be great for travelling.

The palette consists of 9 eyeshadow colours and two lip colours. The lip colour on the left is very pretty and neutral, the one on the right is a bit... random. Unfortunately, the first lot of swatch photos I did were rubbish and the second time I took pics I forgot to do the lip colours, so you'll just have to imagine them.

Above: Top row outside in natural light, inside with flash. The top row is three matte shades, and to be honest they're a bit meh. The lightest one especially is chalky and pretty useless.

Above: Middle row outside in natural light, inside with flash. The first two in this row are really pretty shimmers, and the third dark brown one is kind of matte with a wee bit of glitter in it.

Above: Bottom row outside in natural light, inside with flash. Again, this row has two pretty shimmery colours and a glittery brown, this time with a tad more glitter.

I'm not entirely sold on this palette - a few of the colours are a bit too similar to each other (to the point where I got a bit confused when I was trying to get the photos in the right order for this post), and like all NYX palettes, the pigmentation is not as good as their single eyeshadows. However, they are generally pretty decently pigmented in their own right, and the shimmery colours especially give a nice pay off. The shimmery colours blend easily, the matte are a little bit more work. It's not a must have palette, but if you like NYX and you like neutrals and you're looking for something to buy when Nonpareil or Cherry Culture has one of their 20% off sales, you could do worse than grab one of these.


  1. That looks like a great palette Dee! I'm loving the shimmery shades. I really like the look of the compact, cute :)

  2. Oh I want a closer look at that one for sure.

  3. Lovely palette :) looks so pretty

  4. Nice review - you've mentioned the exact reasons I avoid palettes! there are almost always similar colours and the pigmentation is rarely as good as single shadows. This actually looks really pretty so it's a bit disappointing that you werent majorly impressed. I cant stand those little lip stick squares in palettes - I dont think I've ever actually used one and liked it :)

  5. I quite like the look of the shades in this palette, but it does look quite teeny! And I'm not a huge fan of buying palette eyeshadows because I never feel like I get enough use out of ALL of the shades and it feels like a waste.

  6. Really like the look of it....but probably because left to my own devices, I'd be ordering a ton of the same shades over & over....I've got the Too Faced neutral palette to work my way through yet along with others....sigh