Sunday, November 7, 2010


You're all clever folk, so maybe you can assist me with some random questions.

1. Has anyone ever bought anything from Are they good? How's the quality/delivery time/customer service?

2. What's a good brush for applying cream eyeshadows?

3. Is Philosophy really that good? I always kind of think it will smell a bit synthetic. I've only ever smelled the Vanilla Cake Batter (Baked Vanilla Cake?) one, and it's nice but it's nothing amazing.

4. On the same topic, has anyone ever tried any of the Philosophy skin care range? If so, what's your opinion?

5. Is Liz Earle really that great? Is it available anywhere in Australia?

6. Do you think my bathroom and kitchen are ever going to be finished? It's a teeny house and they're not making any structural changes, but it's been over two weeks now, and I'm pretty over it.

7. Do you know of any other online stores of the Modcloth/New Look variety - cheapish clothes, international shipping, things that a tween groover tall enough for the smallest women's sizes would be into...


  1. I'm afraid I can only answer two questions out of seven, so here goes :P
    #2 - A synthetic-hair, or nylon brush is best for applying cream eyeshadows. It applies better than natural-haired ones. I use the Manicare Artiste Professional concealer brush for applying cream eyeshadows. Inexpensive and does the trick!

    #6 - Hang in there. I know it sucks real bad now, but you'll be rewarded with a gorgeous bathroom and kitchen in the end :)

  2. Thanks, Tine - I have a few synthetic concealer brushes around so I'll give them a try. :-)

  3. I'm not very helpful, but I can tell you my 2 favorite brushes for applying cream eye shadow. One is the firm bristled Eco Tools brush and the other is The Body Shop Nature's Minerals eyeshadow brush.

    I loved everything I've used from Philosophy. Their Falling In Love perfume is one of my all time favorite perfumes. The lip glosses are gorgeous if you like flavoured glosses and their Purity cleanser is brilliant (although there are cheaper ones that do just as good a job).

    If you want fragranced body care products, 100% Pure products are amazing.

    And yes, it may not feel like it at the moment but your bathroom and kitchen will be finished eventually xx

  4. Have you tried Urban Outfitters? :)

    (they stock rather cheap Stila too, if you want to chuck something into the basket for yourself..)

  5. A few answers :)

    2. A synthetic flat brush for a dense application or a fluffy blending brush for a sheer, blended application - try Sigma brushes, they're great quality.

    3. I heart philosophy in ther biggest way possible! Yes, some of their scents are kind of synthetic (the strawberry one springs to mind) but other scents are lovely and their Xmas stuff is always a treat. I def recommend it!

    4. Nope, only their body and fragrance products. But have heard good things about Hope in a Jar.

    Hope your reno finished quickly! I know that can be so painful xx

  6. GQ, I've always heard good things about EcoTools and they seem to be a bit of an in thing lately - the last few days I've been hearing and seeing mentions of them all over the place. Even one of the Pixiwoo girls was using them in a video. I think it's time I checked them out.

    Belle, just looked at Urban Outfitters - looks like Noodles' cup of tea. I've sent her the link so she can check it out after school. Thanks. :-)

    Stef, I've got a Sigma concealer brush that I think might be just the ticket - going to give it a go tomorrow with one of the Creaseless Cream shadows!

  7. 1. I've bought dresses and shoes from in the sale. Service was grand but nothing special, placed my order on Saturday and the stuff arrived on Thursday

    3. I think the Philosophy stuff is slightly overrated - It's not that I don't like it but I don't think I've ever liked a product so much that I bought it a second time!

    5. Liz Earle stuff completely kicks ass! The cleanse and polish is a bit of a cult item now but I can definitely see why. I've absolutely loved everything I've ever bought (which is a LOT) and I raved about it so much my sister and best friends now use loads of the range too :)

    6. Definitely - just feels like it's gonna take forever but it could always be worse... Imagine if you were actually replacing everything too

    7. hmmm, how about, or they're all favourites of mine :)

  8. AMU, you are a wealth of information! Thank you so much!

    I shall check out those other websites too. :-)

  9. I'm not going near your renovation question!

    Just reading those price comparisons made me fume. Lucky country and all that, unless you happen to like cosmetics...

  10. It makes me so cross - I'm glad that we at least have online options.

  11. I'm a little late to this post but I have tried one Philosophy skincare product - the original non-foaming Purity Made Simple cleanser which I love. A milk/cream cleanser which is great for oily or combo skins.

    Re brushes - I apply my cream shadows with a Sephora cream eye shadow brush.