Friday, November 12, 2010

Random Things About Me

I've seen people do these kinds of posts before, and I really have NOTHING better to do at the moment. Every now and then I check the Sleek site to see if I can buy anything yet in their 50% off sale. I feel for them, but man... what a shambles. Crashing sites, randomly emptying carts, extending the sale and forgetting to extend the sale code then going home to bed... guys. You dropped the ball on this one. That said, I don't approve of the rampant abuse being posted on the Facebook page over the first world problem of OMG I CAN'T BUY ALREADY CHEAP EYESHADOW CHEAPER THAN IT USUALLY IS THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!111. And honestly, wouldn't you think that if there were a problem with a site and you were going to their Facebook page to complain about it or find out what was going on, you'd scroll back a few posts/updates. Do we really need 56,000 people writing "The code is expired!"?

Anyway, I've said my piece there, so let's get back to the important matter of talking about ME. Here is a list of (very) random things about me that you may or may not be interested in knowing. If you are interested, click that there link.

  • I loathe feet. Can’t touch other peoples’, can’t stand people touching mine. I feel sick if I see one of those ads for fungus cream.
  • I adapt myself to the personalities of the people I happen to be with at the time.
  • I wish I knew more about wine.
  • I hate it when people read magazines and newspapers before I do, even if I didn’t actually buy them.
  • I am always touched when I see old people holding hands.
  • My mother is one of 15 children, all named after saints.
  • I met Chris Isaak once, and he is hooooooooooooot (and very polite).
  • I have a thing about forearms. A man’s shirtsleeve rolled up to just below the elbow will do it for me every time.
  • I also have a thing about voices.
  • And hands.
  • And cheekbones.
  • I don’t particularly like animals. I'm not mean to them, I'll pat a kitty when I see one, but I'm not an "animal" person.
  • My first proper job was at the Education Department, where I was taken under the wing of an older, slightly fey man who used to take me to afternoon tea at the Russian Tea Room (in Melbourne) and recite TS Eliot poems to me.
  • I like rain, except when I have to walk around in it.
  • I don’t have a licence, because I am a little afraid of cars.
  • I am also afraid of clowns.
  • And balloons.
  • And I am claustrophobic.
  • I hate being kept waiting.
  • I am afraid of birds.
  • Even if I am home alone, I always lock the bathroom door while showering.
  • I feel naked without sunglasses if I am outdoors.
  • I love old houses, but the lack of power points annoys me.
  • I hate the smell of bananas.
  • And tomato sauce.
  • I hate people dropping in on me unannounced, and when they do I am usually rude and stand-offish.
  • I played softball as a child and was always peeved that our uniforms were an ugly brown and white while the other teams all had nice blues, greens and reds.
  • I always hit the ball way out to left-field.
  • I often let go of the bat after swinging, and barely missed the catcher’s head a few times.
  • I hit one ball hard enough to knock the pitcher out and she had to go to hospital.
  • If I didn’t have to work, I wouldn’t. I have no desire to do anything in particular.
  • I am deathly afraid of motorbikes.
  • People who have only ever spoken to me on the phone are always surprised when they meet me and realise I am nothing like they pictured I would be.
  • I don’t sleep well in other peoples’ houses.
  • I drink about 3 litres of water a day.
  • I usually have two coffees a day.
  • I rarely drink soft drink.
  • My favourite album of all time is ABC’s Lexicon of Love.
  • I often think about shaving my head and regrowing my hair to see what happens to it, but I’m too vain.
  • My mother had me convinced for years that I had actually seen the Easter Bunny.
  • If Noodle Arms had been a boy, I would have called her Macaulay Connor after James Stewart's character in The Philadelphia Story
  • When I was a child I used to sit really close to the TV because my mother told me it would wreck my eyes and I wanted to have glasses.
  • Despite my dislike of violence, I have always wanted to take up boxing.


  1. LOL @ the first world comment! and do you wear specs now?

  2. Feel like I know you a little bit more :D
    BTW Dee, do you get pedicures and foot massages at all?

  3. Emily, I do wear them, but only at work. :-)

    Su, I have never had a professional manicure or pedicure in my life! I don't like all that touching. I dislike massages for the same reason. :-/

  4. Fascinating, seriously I love reading weird random things about people :D thanks for sharing Dee :D

  5. I can't help but feel a bit stalkerish (is that even a word?!) when I read things like this but it's always so interesting!

    I'm the same in a lot of ways - particularly the feet thing, in fact I wear 2 pairs of socks at all times and change them at least twice a day.

    Oh and I would love to shave my head and start from scratch, but I'd really miss my hair for the time it took to grow back :)

    P.S. I hadn't even heard that Sleek had a 50% off sale until everyone started complaining about the site!

  6. lol i always lock the door when i shower even if I'm the only one in the house as well X

  7. Jade, I love reading random things about people too. :-)

    AMU, you're lucky you didn't know about the sale - it was DRAMA CENTRAL. lolol

    little rambling rose, I'm glad it's not just me who does that!

  8. I'm afraid of birds too!! God damn Pigeons scare the sh*t out of me

  9. Lia, thank you - I've just been checking out your blog. Lots of interesting reading there. :-)

    Stef - don't even get me started on pigeons! They're like rats with wings. *shudder*