Sunday, December 26, 2010

Chanel Les 4 Ombres: Garden Party

Garden Party was my first Chanel eyeshadow palette (I have one other), and despite the fact that I do love it and have an almost creepy attachment to it, it is absolutely not worth the price. I don't remember exactly what it cost me, but I know it was well over $70AUD. Honestly, my $3.50US NYX singles are far better quality than this. The pigmentation of the pink and peachy colour is okay, but nothing fantastic, and the light green one is just craptacular. They're all quite hard and it's difficult to pick up a lot of product (which you need to do to get a decent amount of colour on your lid). The light green one is chalky and useless (I really have it in for that one).

I like to call this "Springtime in the 80s". Unfortunately, the photo doesn't show the lightness of these shades - in person the pink on my lid is much lighter and super shimmery. It's exactly what I would have worn circa 1986, though back then it would have been paired with some glaringly bright fuschia lipstick and electric blue mascara/eyeliner (and, shamefully, probably a red-tinted blush - or rouge, as it was generally called).

So what do I like about it? Every time I wear this - and I mean every single time - someone tells me I look pretty. I don't know what it is - maybe these colours particularly suit me, maybe the pink makes my green eyes stand out more, maybe everyone else is just lost in a swamp of 80s nostalgia like me. I don't know, but I'm a sucker for an unsolicited compliment, so I will continue to wear this every now and then. I wouldn't buy it again, though.


  1. Well maybe its not always "you get for what you pay for" But this look look's really nice i think its your green eyes.I love your blog so i had to follow (and im your 90th follower congrats).i would appreciate it if you checked out my Beauty blog and followed back.Thank you :D.

  2. I had the same palette but got rid of it a while ago. I felt the same way about the shades, and that bloody light green was the bane of my existence!

  3. I've never bothered with the Chanel quads for that reason! Although those shades are lovely on you.

  4. This is really interesting! I own many, many Chanel quads (but skipped 'Garden Party') and it seems that the quality of their eyeshadows have been slowly getting better over the years. 'Dreams' is the worst one I own - the black is really chalky and the other colours don't really show up without a base. However, 'Winter Nights' is stunning on the eye and the quality is much better. Having said all of this, I still think there is room for improvement regarding the quality of their eyeshadows, but I'm willing to guess that their latest pearlised Spring '11 palette is the best yet. I also think their blushes and Rouge Allures are still Chanel's strongest lines :)

    Thanks for the review! I'm loving this series!

  5. It's such a shame about the quality, especially when Chanel is so expensive. I had a Chanel quad about 8 years ago and the quality was terrible so I haven't bothered with them since. It's good to hear that the quality is getting better, it's no less that you'd expect from Chanel!

  6. the colours look gorgeous on you. Too bad about the quality though but I do agree with you, I own 1 chanel palette which I won in a competition and it doesn't even hold a candle in terms of pigmentation and blendability to my lower-end products.

    Well at least I've now tried Chanel and can safely say I won't be buying any eyeshadow from them too soon.

  7. I almost bought a Chanel eye shadow compact recently as the packaging is gorgeous, but I couldn't justify the price as the pigmentation is just awful! Pretty colours though, but easily dupable :)
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    Kat x