Thursday, December 30, 2010

MAC Blush in Honour

I have quite a few blushes, but I don't really like wearing them (though I do, of course). My cheeks tend to be quite red, especially at work where our air conditioning is sucktacular, and I feel like they don't need any help in this regard. It seems weird to me that I make every attempt to disguise the redness with green concealers and full coverage foundation, and then put it back on top again. For that reason, I have an extremely light hand when it comes to blush - just a teensy dab and I'm good to go.

I had MAC Honour shoved away in a drawer because I thought it was boring, and also because I'm a little bit afraid of brown on my face (the reason I never use bronzer or do any kind of contouring). However, I pulled it out about a month ago when I was just starting my "shopping my stash" bizzo, and had decided to give every product at least one airing.

Well, since then I've been wearing this almost every day, and I just love it. It's quite a sheer light beige with a subtle gold shimmer, and it gives just enough colour to make me look alive, but not at all red. I don't know why it took me so long to discover this; I've had it for AGES.

It was IMPOSSIBLE to get a good swatch of this - this was the best I could do, I'm afraid, and it doesn't do it justice at all. One thing I wonder about is why "honour" is spelled in the English (and also Australian) way, and not the US way. That seems weird to me.

But anyway, two thumbs up! This blush is great, and it has inspired me to go digging around in my makeup collection for more forgotten treasures.


  1. I'm a bit cautious about putting beige/ brown on my face too. I find that on the odd occasion when I wear bronzer, I definitely need blush too or I don't look alive. Sounds like this is an interesting colour. Could you use it as a light bronzer?

  2. I'm not sure, I never wear bronzer. It might be a bit too shimmery - bronzers are meant to be fairly matte, aren't they?

  3. Interesting colour, although I too would be too freaked out to put it on my cheeks for fear of looking washed out.


  4. Looks really nice! I love that golden shimmer that is barely there :)
    Don't know if this shade would show up on my skin, but it would definitely add a glow.

  5. Wow! I always wonder what people do with oddly colored blushes. I'm a traditional pink/peach type girl. I use bronzer occasionally, but I still feel like I don't know what I'm doing with it. So how do you use this? Do you put on the 'contour' area under the cheekbone, or do you put it on the apples?

  6. I've been wanting Honour for a while now and I appreciate your post on it. I'm really fair and sometimes I like odd/neutral blushes for a lift. I go easy on the rest of my face and use the skin as a statement, so to speak. I think this post just amped my Honour lemming.

  7. I love it! I've been thinking about getting Honour for a long time. I always do dramatic eye makeup and feel OTT if I wear colored blush. I always try and end up dissatisfied, like I just ruined the look. So lately I've leaned towards beige and peach browns with no hint of pink, and it looks so much better on me!

  8. Looks like a great colour if you fancy a change from the standard pinky shades. I generally avoid bronzers myself although if I have some extra time to spend doing my makeup (instead of the usual rushed 10 minutes) then I like to use a light dusting over my cheeks but I always worry my makeup will just endup looking a bit "muddy" :)

    Might give this a try because I find my cheeks are naturally rather... flushed... when I go between the cold outdoors and warm central heating so there's always a risk of me looking like a clown if I opt for the slightly darker pinky blushes ♥

  9. Lilit, I don't find it washes me out at all, but it would definitely depend on your skin tone.

    Su, it would probably make a nice highlighter for you. :-)

    femputer, I just put it on the apples - I'm not really comfortable with contouring, I always think it makes me look weird and kinda 80s. ;-)

    Baroque, I'm fair too (under the redness) - you should swatch it in MAC and see what you think. :-)

    Melissa, I love it for its subtlety - I'm always trying not to draw attention to my cheeks!

    Joy, that's why I avoid bronzers - they just look dirty on me. This one isn't like that on me at all though. It's really low key. :-)

  10. In the pan it looks like it would be a good highlighter! If you like Urban Decay enter my Book of Shadows 3 giveaway!
    Kat x