Sunday, December 19, 2010

Pic heavy haul post

I've actually been sticking to my No Buy pretty well - I did exempt limited edition products, so my recent little purchase of Christmas samples scents from Haus of Gloi is legit, and I did order a few things from Cherry Culture's 20% off sale a couple of days ago using a bit of the money my mum sent me for Christmas. Gift money doesn't count! Other than that, I haven't bought any other beauty products in December, and I'm actually enjoying shopping my stash. I'm finding all kinds of things I'd forgotten about, dragging out perfumes I haven't worn in ages, and so on.

Before I imposed my No Buy I did spend a few weeks shopping up a storm, and I just wanted to show you what I've been hauling lately. If you want me to review or swatch any of these, feel free to ask, but swatches might have to wait a couple of weeks since Noodles and her fabulous swatching arms are away on holiday until New Year.

Sleek Palettes

These are all limited edition - I bought the top two, Bad Girl and Good Girl, from the Sleek website, and the rest of them - Curious, Graphite and Safari - from eBay. I also have another one on the way, but I can't remember what it is!

Nonpareil Boutique

I bought this during Nonpareil's last 20% off sale, and the only reason I bought anything was because I just wanted to try one of the ELF Beauty Encyclopedias. ELF wasn't even included in the 20% off! It was only $5US anyway, and it was a good excuse to grab a couple of the jumbo pencils. So from there I got:

ELF Beauty Encyclopedia in Sparkle Eyes
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Pots And Pans
NYX Jumbo Pencil in Yoghurt
Wet'n'Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in Breeze

Cherry Culture

Again, taking advantage of one of Cherry Culture's frequent 20% off sales.

NYX The Runway Collection Palette in Haute Model
NYX Single Eyeshadow in Green Tea
NYX Single Eyeshadow in Antique Gold
NYX Single Eyeshadow in Iced Mocha
NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss in Sweetheart
NYX Powder Blush in Pinched
NYX Powder Blush in Terra Cotta (that should be one word!)
Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip Color in Sugar Plum
Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip Color in Fresh Melon
Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip Color in Pink Lemonade
Jordana Easyshine Glossy Lip Color in Sugar Cookie
Jordana Single Eyeshadow in Over The Taupe
Jordana Single Eyeshadow in Pretty Peach
LA Colors 6 Color Palette in Precious

The Morbid The Merrier

As lip balms go - and generally I'm not a fan - I really like TMTM's. I've nearly used up my first lot, and Noodle Arms is a bit of a lip balm junkie, so I ordered a few more when there was a Black Friday sale on. The Sugarbaby one was a freebie thrown in. I actually ordered two of the Root Beer Float ones, because Noodles and I wanted one each, but I know that the owner has been through a personal tragedy very recently, so I figured I'd just let that go. I'm not going to go bitching to someone about a $4 lip balm. Besides, Noodles loved the Cherry Cordial one and has been using that exclusively since she got it, so she's happy.

Perfume Oil in Noelia
Allegory Lip Balm in Root Beer Float
Allegory Lip Balm in Caramel Latte
Allegory Lip Balm in Cherry Cordial 
Sugarbaby Kid's Lip Balm in Butterscotch

Haus Of Gloi

After reading Jade's review I had to try Parkin. I love Haus of Gloi but I haven't bought anything from them in ages, so I was a bit excited about this order. It arrived yesterday and I've only had quick sniffs of everything, but I'm loving it all so far. I'll be testing them this week and reviewing asap, as they're limited edition and I think they come down in early January.

Yuletide '10 Perfume Sampler Set (Eggnoggin, Parkin, Snow Wolf, Hearth)
Parkin Bubbling Scrub (sample size)
Freebie: Picaroon Perfume Oil

I think that's pretty much everything. I still have a couple of things to come, including a Clarisonic Mia that was shipped on November 24. I'm really worried that's gone missing in the black hole of Australia Post. :-(


  1. PARKIN!!! Soo yummy smelling <3 TMTM is on my list of things to try in the new year, I'm trying to be good too with my no spending but there has been a few incidents hehe. I'm curious about snow wolf, would love to hear your thoughts on it :) Hope MIA arrives soon!!!

  2. I love reading haul posts, even if they do make me want to shop. You got so many great products!

    I hope your Clarisonic hasn't gone missing.

  3. Jade, I'm wearing Parkin right now - testing them out so I can do a review post in the next few days. It's so gingery! (Not a bad thing.)

    GQ, I love haul posts too. I'm always interested to see what people are buying, but like you, it just makes me want to buy stuff too. ;-)

    And thanks for the Mia concern, guys. FINGERS CROSSED!

  4. Your purchases are definitely legit! You haven't broken your no-make-up ban at all :-)

    I love the sleek palettes, I have the Original and I think one called Storm, and until I finally managed to buy the UD Naked palette, the Original was my daily go to palette.


  5. Hi Lilit - I love the Sleek palettes too (haha, the number I have bought recently probably gives that away). I have Original and Storm as well, but I bought those a while ago - Storm is probably my favourite, it's great for work makeup. If only their customer service was as good as their products...

  6. Sleek palettes! Woot! This is epic haulage. I'm so looking forward to your reviews! :)

  7. Sarah, I hope Noodles knows how much swatching she is in for when she gets back. ;-)

  8. Nice work! I too have been shopping up a storm, but will be stopping after my MAC haul for a little while...

  9. Jealous! Those look amazing. I would think the Sleek palettes are heavily pigmented, right?

  10. Jessica, you mean the ChamPale collection? I was all over that, but the more I see swatches, the more I think I already have very similar colours in other products - and one of my New Year resolutions is definitely to cut down on buying what is essentially the same thing over and over.

    Claire, yes the Sleek palettes are very highly pigmented. They're mineral-based, I believe, but I suspect they're largely similar in dyes used to the 88 palettes (the shadows themselves are much more blendable and easy to work with though). I know a lot of people have issues with the 88 palettes because they may or may not have dodgy ingredients in them. I don't really care myself, but it's something to keep in mind, I suppose. :-)

  11. Hi Dee, I buy sleek palettes from and their customer service is excellent. Coz they're an AU company I usually get them in 2-3 days (I'm too impatient to wait for o'seas delivery!) but the downside is they are more expensive than at cherry culture and other international sites.

  12. MAM, I bought my first two (Storm and Original) from CC as well. The ones I bought from eBay were LEs that were no longer available, though. That was pretty much the only place I could get them. :-)

  13. What an awesome haul Dee! Can't wait for the swatches and reviews of the perfume oils :)

  14. Of course Gift Money doesnt count! Neither does overtime money or money you find in jacket pockets or down the back of the sofa. Might seem like I'm making that up but nope, thems the rules.

    Awesome selection! I think those Sleek palettes are bloody brilliant and great valud for money. Picked up a couple recently when Superdrug had a 3 for 2 deal and I've been using them constantly since

    Heard great things about the Haus of Gloi stuff and I rather fancy the Parkin Bubbling Scrub :)