Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Cherry Culture Haul

I fell off the wagon of my No Buy recently when I discovered that with my Cherry Culture reward points, I could get this little lot at about 1/3 off the price. Which - uh - just goes to show how much I've shopped at Cherry Culture...

I'm swatching my NYX lip products on the weekend, so most of this will be included. I'll do the Milani ones some time soon too.

Now I'm back on the wagon! No, really.


  1. Nice haul. And you got a discount so you are excused for breaking your no buy.

  2. I have NYX Round Lipstick in Tea Rose and love it!

  3. GABY, Tea Rose seems to be a favourite - anyone who has NYX lipsticks seems to own it. It's lovely. :-)

  4. Me too, Stavroula. You can probably tell... ;-)