Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nivea Visage Q10 Plus Anti-Wrinkle Tinted Day Cream SPF15

Is it just me, or are the names of skincare products getting ridiculously long? Tegan sent me a tube of the Nivea Tinted Day Cream a few weeks ago and I've tried it a few times since - it's taken me a while to make up my mind about it.

The odd thing is that it only comes in one colour, and claims to be "suitable for all skin tones". I don't know about that. I don't see how something that looks okay on me - a fair-skinned person - would also look okay on someone who had dark skin. There's something about that that doesn't sit well with me. It seems kind of... homogeneous.

That aside, what we have here is your bog-standard tinted moisturiser. It does feel a little thicker than many, though nothing like the Hissy Fit Tinted Moisturiser. There is a barely, barely discernible scent of something vaguely citrus - you wouldn't notice it at all unless you put some on your hand and sniffed it (which I did).

As you can see, I have a lot of redness at the moment (and not so fine lines!). Since I've been careful about products lately after my last bout of red-o-rama, the only thing I can put this down to is the air quality of my house and my office at the moment. I don't have air con at home (sob), and the air con at work is pants, so I have had a fan on me pretty much non stop for weeks. I am sure this is what's currently trashing my skin. Damn you Australian summer!

It does do a fairly good job of evening out my skin tone, although this effect lasted about 20 minutes. It doesn't stand up to the elements at all. As soon as I was outside and walking around in the hot weather it just melted right off me.

Now the weird thing, and the reason I had to try it quite a few times before deciding what I thought about it, is that it never entirely "dries". Before I had tested it, I read a review of the Nivea Tinted Day Cream on Tine's blog, and she talked about a "moist" feeling on the cheeks. I know exactly what she means, and had I not read that review, I would have put it down to the current Adelaide humidity rather than the product itself. An hour or two after applying this product, my skin still feels moist to the touch (that's pretty much my most hated word - ew, I'm annoyed with Nivea for making me say it). I found that really annoying - I was constantly touching my cheek to see if it had dried yet, and it never did. 

This retails for around $19AUD, and I assume you can get it at all the usual places - Priceline, Target, Kmart, supermarkets and so on. Personally, I wasn't keen on it, and I wouldn't repurchase it.

And one final thing - shouldn't a tinted moisturiser that is specifically selling itself as "anti-wrinkle" have a higher SPF than 15?


  1. I only just found this, when I was hunting through everything I had missed on your blog. The 'non-drying' thing is exactly how I feel about it too, I still can't decide if I like it or not though, because I set it with powder and then it feels better. Not that I wear it very often because it makes me really shiny as well. Thanks for reviewing it Dee, I really wanted to know your opinion. (PS. I hope that you don't mind but for one of my beauty explorer videos I did Hissyfit Saving Face, so I had to mention you).