Monday, January 31, 2011

A round up of some of the Valentine's scents for 2011

Random picture of BPALs that have nothing to do with Valentine's Day


El Corazon
Like the heart, fickle and a bit deceptive. A heavy, dark, smoky scent with a taunting core of sweetness.

Hasta la Muerte
The innocence of lily and carnation, sweetened with vanilla absolute, smashed and marred by an undercurrent of heartless black spice.

Oh, romance. Or something like it. A dozen red roses, spilled wine, a hint of blood, and gunsmoke.

Histoire des Amoureaux
A little Eden, a little de Sade. leather, juicy red apple, a serpent slither of pepper and spice, green grass, and sweat.

Histoure du Professeur
Leather arm chair, starched white cotton shirt, dusty books, a memory of sweet pipe smoke and a faint whiff of brandy kept hidden in a desk drawer.

Histoire du Secretaire
Mile-high leather pumps, skin tight wool pencil skirt, stacks of filing paper, steaming black coffee, a mahogany desk and a hint of musky perfume.

Price:          $12USD
Samples:     Yes, in sets of 3, 5 or 10 and 3ml travel size Eau de Parfum spray.


Be Mine
It's a spicy/fruity/vanilla smell, definitely on the feminine side, but I don't see why the right male couldn't pull this off. It's got florals and greens but not a ton- just enough to move it out of the "I smell like food" category. Be Mine is the smell of a thousand heart-shaped cinnamon red-hots sprinkled liberally on buttercream-frosted cupcakes, accompanied by a bowl of punch, cups of coffee and tea; all served at an antique wooden table laden with roses, jasmine and orange blossoms; the perfect Valentine's Day afternoon teatime treat.

Or, for short, it's a spicy vanilla scent with a fruity twist.

Price:          $10.52AUD
Samples:     Yes


Pink Cake
A frothy piece of cake hidden under a dense crust of butter and sugar flavored with the silliest strawberries you ever tasted! Very straightforward but somehow so moist it's a bit like a custard, but not quite. Maria, the Maltese cook and housekeeper has this recipe inherited from her mother and from generations back So very Very VERY good. It is said to be an aphrodisiac.

Sweet, pure and desirable, Pretty is just that, divinely pretty like Isabella in the springtime. A whisper of mint flies along three white flowers (a combination of a hint of gardenia, freesia, and a drop of lily), all of this girded about with some dry vanilla (very dry and not the confection you are used to). This is a surprisingly sober fragrance for such a fluffy thought, but then again beauty is a sobering thing to come face to face with.

The Girls Love Leather
Yes! The Girls have discovered the fun of leather, the smell of leather, the sensuality of leather. Leather and honey. Wow. Just Wow. This is not just any old leather, this is the superb stuff which you find in the church shops of Florence, dripping with honey from Malta. Just the apex of the apiary. Yummmmm. Not for the faint of heart, not for the pure of soul!

More Possets Valentine scents here and here.

Price:          $10USD
Samples:     No


Parlement of Foules 2011
For this was on seynt Volantynys day
Whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his mate.

Medieval romance and courtly love. White rose and soft resins.

Red Lantern 2011
A tribute to the opium den cum bawdyhouses of Shanghai in the 1930's.
Golden amber, blonde tobacco, Sudanese black coconut, rich caramel, black currant, white opium and delphinium laced with a sensual blend of Asian spice.

Burning Vulva
Vanilla-infused amber, leather, beeswax, cyclamen, oakmoss, peru balsam, orange blossom, red ginger, tonka, opoponax, myrrh, and black pepper.

Nude Woman Reclining
Calla lily, honeysuckle, Turkish jasmine, ambrette seed, galbanum, iris, and bourbon vanilla.

She Who Blesses Brides
White rose, apple blossom, spun sugar, mango, cucumber, freesia, coconut, and lavender.

BPAL has a ton of Limited Edition scents released for Valentine's Day. You can find more of them here, here, here, and here
**And be warned - these links lead to NSFW images of nooooodity.**

Price:          $20USD
Samples:     No


Come Hither
Based off of traditional herbs and roots used in Hoodoo to draw and attract a lover, or entice the one you've already ensnared! Bourbon vanilla, tonka bean, cardamon, a touch of rose oil, Queen Elizabeth root, three threads of saffron and a touch of honey to sweeten the whole deal.  

Something Hopeful
Perhaps the first stirrings of the spring to come. Warm sakura blossom green tea with the tiniest droplet of plum juice, red mandarin and crystallized jasmine essence.

Who Needs Love
A mahogany box filled with chocolaty orbs, coated in crystallized coffee - filled with a pomegranate and raspberry filling. Who needs love when you have something this decadent?

Price:          $15USD (scents also available in various bath products)
Samples:     Yes

*All descriptions are the manufacturers' own.


  1. Thanks for the round up! I've been pondering placing a TMTM order!

  2. Argh there's a few I want *eep* must resist or at least whittle my want list down to one or two

  3. This is a fantastic post Dee - thanks so much for taking the time to write it. I'm off to Etsy (oh noes!)...

  4. I'm tempted by quite a few of them, but I'm trying to resist!

  5. Very nice list!
    Burning Vulva and Womb Furie are really tempting me, but giving them a pass :(

  6. I thought you'd be getting Womb Furie at least, Su - though the postage is too high if you're only buying a couple of things. :-(

  7. I can't really justify the price, comes to about $60 for two bottles :(
    But you never know, if that shopping impulse hits, there is no stopping :D

  8. Haha! That first lot sound awesome, I actually DO want to smell like gunsmoke and pencil skirt! Wonder if they're available in-store in Australia anywhere?

  9. Unfortunately not, they're all online US retailers. :-(

  10. ugh too many to choose from!! I only picked up Wiggle's V-Day scent in Sweet Cheeks...trying to resist the others