Sunday, March 13, 2011

Swatching fail

I tried to do some NYX blush swatches this morning and it was a total fail. The weather is quite overcast here today, and no matter what settings I used on the camera, none of the blushes showed up at all on Noodles' cheeks except for one that just looked like a random blob of dirt. Even the arm swatches didn't come out. Ugh.

So let's just call this "My NYX Blushes" and move on, shall we?

Most of the NYX blushes I have are not very highly pigmented, which some people would see as a con. Personally, I see it as a pro - I spend a lot of time and effort neutralising the redness in my cheeks so I don't like just whacking a great slab of colour back on there.

 From left: Natural, Peach, Pinched

Sheer, matte pale pink. This one doesn't have a lot of pigmentation and just provides a hint of colour.

Slightly more pigmented matte peachy-pink, Natural's older sister.

Fairly well-pigmented peachy pink with fine gold shimmer, probably NYX's attempt to dupe NARS Orgasm.

From left: Terra Cotta, Taupe

Terra Cotta
This one is the most highly pigmented of all the NYX blushes I own. It's a brownish-peach with gold shimmer. It annoys me no end that it's called "Terra Cotta" rather than "Terracotta".

Matte light brown. I bought this to practice contouring, as I watched a YouTuber talk about how it was a nice contour shade for people with fair skin.

 From left: Rose Petal (peach), Boho Chic (tea rose pink)
I buy my NYX blushes for about $6US from either Cherry Culture or Nonpareil Boutique, both of whom have 20% off sales going at the moment. Once again, US and UK have their own websites. BUT NOT US. You can buy them here from Crush Cosmetics for about $11AUD.

I'll have another crack at swatching when the sun is out.


  1. I've bought ALL my sizeable nyx collection from this ebay seller - she gives you free stuff if you spend over 30.

    thought you might like to see! have looked at cherry culture a few times but always end up going back to her.

  2. You're right Peach blush from NYX is not very pigmented. I ordered Cinnamon from Cherry Culture, it's supposed to be a dupe for NARS Taj Mahal.

  3. I'm curious about that sigma duo fibre brush, is it any good? I'm after one that doesn't bleed or shed, also those cream blushes look pretty in the pan :)

  4. I looove Peach :) It's probably one of my most used blushes. Angel is another favorite. Pinched is definitely on my to- buy list, it looks beautiful.

  5. Suzanne, thank you for that link! Very handy. :-)

    Justine, I've not seen Cinnamon before - interested to hear what you think of it.

    Jade, IMO the Sigma duo fibres are crap (not to put too fine a point on it). My full size one fell apart less than a year after I bought it, and this little one sheds like the dickins. It also bleeds when I wash it. I don't like the Sigma face brushes at all, though I do like their eye brushes.

  6. Sam, I love Peach too, but it's not really all that peachy, is it? lol

    Angel is on my Cherry Culture wishlist for the next time I have a splurge. :-)

  7. Oh swatching blushes is hard at the best of times!

    I only own Angel, which is a great colour, but doesn't last too long on me.

  8. Oh I know, it's always hard to make good swatches, especially in the crappy winter weather!

  9. Sarah, I find most of them don't have huge staying power - they wear off after a few hours. I'm too lazy to take makeup with me to work and redo my face, though. ;-)

    GABY, it's actually quite warm here as we've only just gone into Autumn, but it's been sort of overcast and humid. And my house is small and dark so to get really good light in those conditions I'd pretty much have to stand out in the road!

  10. It isn't, lol! Angel is just a perfect, darling pink.