Friday, March 11, 2011

Poison Apple Potions Alice In Wonderland

When you live in a little old terrace house, all the shelves are on a lean.

I've been loathe to talk up Etsy lately - they've gone to the dogs a bit, I think. One of the sellers I've bought from quite a few times has given me pretty lacklustre service the last couple of times I've ordered, and a Melbourne blogger told me she had drama with an Etsy seller she'd ordered from after I recommended them. Not only did she not receive her goods, but when she contacted them to ask about it she was completely ignored and had to go through Paypal to get her money back. WHAT THE HELL, MAN. You may run a "one person business", but the keyword there is BUSINESS.

Having said that, though it's been a while since I've bought anything from them, I've always had good customer service from Poison Apple Potions. In fact, a couple of times they have gone way beyond good customer service - they really do seem to care about their customers and make an effort to keep them.

Around last Easter they had a collection of 6 limited edition scents called Alice In Wonderland, and they have brought it back again this year. The scents are all available as samples for $1.95US each, or 5ml bottles for $13.00. From the pictures on the site they seem to have changed bottles - I have little green ones, but they are using the standard brown apothecary bottles now.

All of these descriptions are the seller's own and taken from the site.

White Rabbit
The perfume inspired by the White Rabbit begins to evoke an ardent sense of restlessness but dries down to a smooth composed blend.
This perfume is sweet and creamy with notes of White Chocolate, Sassafras, Caramel, and Cognac.

Cheshire Moon
Inspired by the beloved Cheshire Cat who informs our dear Alice that everyone is a bit mad here.
This feline is exotic, magnetic, and full of riddles. The Cheshire Moon perfume creates the same atmosphere with a blend of Neroli, Sandalwood, and Sweet Tahitian Vanilla.

Sweet Alice
"Curiouser and curiouser!"
This blend evokes the sweetest qualities of our dear curious Alice in a blend of rich buttercream, tart black currants, a generous scoop of sugar, and strawberries growing wild throughout the forest.

Red Queen's Rage
"Off with her head!"
The Red Queen's ire is matched by no other throughout the land. Her perfume is a blend of the sharpest red roses, tempestuous clove, and deep vanilla musk.

Caterpillar's Pipe
Undoubtedly one of the most interesting characters our heroine Alice meets along the way; the caterpillar is lazily seductive with his intricate tenor and puffing hookah pipe. His blend is equally as deep with notes of Hemp, Tobacco, Frankincense, and Patchouli.

Hatter's Tea Party
Welcome to the mad tea party!
This curious blend is the perfect perfume for just this occasion. Would you like a spot?
This bottle boasts a cup of tea, a dash of spices, a crisp butter cookie, and a generous helping of blood orange.

I tried samples of all of these last year and then bought three of them in full sizes.

Cheshire Moon
This is a gorgeous sweet vanilla with a hint of caramel. The sandalwood comes out more in the drydown, making this one of those warm, soft scents that's perfect for a casual night out. It's very much in the foodie family, so if you're not a fan of gourmand scents, you may not be as keen on this as I am.

White Rabbit
If you like chocolate scents you have to try this one - the white chocolate dominates (on me anyway) and makes me crave big blocks of Cadbury Dream. Close up you can pick the cognac, which gives it a lush richness. Again, one for the foodie fans.

White Queen's Bouquet
White floral and vanilla is the staple blend of many a celebrity fragrance, but this one is elevated to a level way beyond any of those. It is soft and ultra feminine - one to drag out when you're swanning about in your faux- Mad Men frock and little cardie. The vanilla is not too deep or warm, which makes this an all-weather perfume. Lovely for balmy evenings. This one is probably my favourite.

These are quite delicate perfumes and don't have a lot of throw, which is generally the opposite of what I like. However, my work colleagues probably love them for that very reason! Generally speaking, Poison Apple Potions make really beautiful scents - they're particularly good at florals, so if that's a genre you like they're definitely worth checking out. One of my favourites is Lady Victoria, which has similar notes to White Queen's Bouquet.

Coincidentally, Dempeaux reviewed one of their body creams yesterday. I've yet to try these as I think they're fairly new, but after reading her review I'm very much looking forward to trying some as soon as I have some free cash for frivolities.


  1. I think after reading your review I want to try Lady Victoria, White Queen's Bouquet, Queen Red's Rage, and Hatter's Tea Party. Thanks for the link! :)

    It's a shame you've had negative experiences with Etsy. I've been lucky - I've only had positive experiences so far. I hope that the integrity that characterises Etsy sellers remains strong.

  2. Chesire Moon and White Rabbit sound awesome, I had a bad exp with a "good seller" on etsy, really irked me because when I contacted them about it they made me feel like it was my job to find out what happened to the items, would not buy from again, such a bummer!

  3. I would say that 98% of my Etsy experiences have been excellent, but the few bad ones leave a sour taste. I've been hearing a lot of bad stories lately about some sellers too, which makes me hesitant to go yelling, "Yay, these guys are great!" I always feel so bad when I've recommended someone and then they turn out to be duds. I very much doubt that PAP would be like this, though. I've had amazing service from them.

  4. two reviews about this seller in a day - sounds like fate to me. enabler yourself, missy.

  5. Well, Sarah did it first so it's her fault. I'm just a hop on.

  6. Oh nice! Thanks to you, I have tried Cheshire Moon, White Rabbit and White Queen's Bouquet. They are gorgeous and totally love them :)

  7. What?! That's very bad customer service. Hope they got it resolved!
    I am liking the sounds of 'Hatter's Tea Party' :D

    Sorry to hear that your Rimmel is drying for you :( It's so far okay for me but I still apply balm before hand.

  8. As a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland, these fragrances definitely appeal to me. The idea and concept behind making alice themed perfume is so cool. I love it, and I'm heading over to order something now!