Monday, April 18, 2011

How Many Is Too Many?

For years I've been ragging Jacquie because every couple of weeks she buys a new lipstick, and they almost all look the same colour to me. However, I think we're all probably guilty of buying essentially the same thing over and over. For me it's pinky-nudish lipsticks and taupe-ish eyeshadows.

To be honest, I'm not exactly sure what 'taupe' is. I've seen it describe variously as brown and grey and a combination of both. My justification for having so many eyeshadows that could fall into the taupe territory is that they are all a bit different, some considerably so. I probably still don't need that many, though.

From the top: Vorpal  from UD Alice In Wonderland, Mushroom from UD Alice In Wonderland, middle colour in Wet'n'Wild Silent Treatment, Jordana Over The Taupe, top right colour from Milani Exotic Berries SMH Warm & Fuzzy, second from top right colour in NYX Romance palette quad, 

Sigma Indian Girl, NYX Iced Mocha, NYX Taupe Pearl, Wet'n'Wild Nutty, NYX Root Beer (note: this is the one from the Trio Barely There/Champagne/Root Beer; the NYX single eyeshadow of the same name is a different colour), first colour in NYX In The Woods trio.

So what do you have too many of? Confess!


  1. Taupe eyeshadows, pinky nude lipsticks, corally/peachy blushes and latest obsessions that thaty grey/beige nailpolishes... just discovered I own 7 almost identical greige polishes. Yep, obsessed.

  2. Mascara. I am guilty of purchasing every single mascara I see on sale. I have a whole drawer full of unopened mascaras. I just can't help myself.

    Wow. I feel as though a weight has been lifted from my shoulders.

  3. I have too much of everything! If I have to break it down though, lip gloss and lip balm.

  4. Yeh too many pinky lippies hehe

    Btw if you ever decide to part with that Alice palette I bags first dibs!!! ;)

  5. gold eyeshadow. I have SO much gold eyeshadow.

  6. Lilit, I don't have 7 colours of any nail polishes, but I certainly have several dupes.

    Michelle, I somehow ended up with loads of mascaras at one point, and I made a vow to myself that I wasn't allowed to buy my HG one again (Chanel Inimitable) until I'd used up every one of them. It's taken me about a year and a half, I reckon, but I've got one nearly done and then one more unused and it's SHOPPING TIME.

    GQ, how is your attempt to destash your lip balms going?

    Jade, I'm a bit scared of selling Alice now - so many people want it!

    Suzanne, I don't think I have any gold eyeshadow, so you must be buying up my share.

  7. Waaayyyy too many bottles of nail polish!!
    Oh, and lots of purple eyeshadow!!

  8. well you confessed for me but I have a tonne of lipsticks the same colour and just a tonne of nail polish. lol

  9. I cannot physically walk past a peach/coral/orange blush without buying it :-/

  10. I have an issue with purple eyeshadows, I have just counted 15. How did that happen??

  11. Vita, I have about 70 nail polishes, which probably doesn't sound like much to a hardcore nail junkie, but I hardly ever even wear nail polish - my nails are rubbish!

    Jacuqie, you and your ginger lipsticks...

    Stacey, I have more peach blushes than I probably should have - quite a few Orgasm dupes and lookalikes too, but oddly not the original.

    Makeup Fairy, I used to have a ton of purple eyeshadows, but I've been culling them over the past few months and I'm down to about half a dozen, I think. PROUD OF MYSELF.

  12. My impulse buy has always been nail polish. I'm sure I have a ton of similar shades in my collection. The other things would be eyeshadows in purple biggest weakness!

  13. eyepencils...
    wow... too many, indeed!
    and I use them a lot, too, so i think it's not very obsessive compulsive, jejeje


  14. If loving taupe shadows & nude/pink lip colors is wrong...I don't wanna be right ;)

  15. Wow! I'm really not sure what I have too many of, haha

  16. ... Pink... Lipsticks... (sob)

    I went crazy on pink lipsticks because I was seeing them everywhere on Korean TV and all the actresses looked so pretty and fresh. I tried finding those exact shades, but found out they look rather horrid on me for the most part. So now I'm stuck with ten thousand pink lipsticks that I will likely never wear...


  17. Eye shadows & lipsticks - sigh. It's like an addiction, I see new ones, I WANT THEM, and I walk away now twitching with the mantra I have too many already & am on a beauty ban. It sucks...but saves money & space realistically ;P

  18. The Peach, I'm a sucker for purple eyeshadows too!

    Australian Brown, if you use them I think you can get away with it... unless they're all the same colour. ;-)

    Tracy, you're a woman I can relate to!

    VM, come onnnn. Share and lift that weight, lol.

    The Rhapsode, I love pink lipsticks and tend to buy them randomly, so I do have quite a lot that are the "wrong" shade of pink...

    Melbournite, after being an eyeshadow fiend for years and somehow ending up with hundreds that I will never, ever use in my lifetime, I've been attempting to ban myself from anymore. Every now and then I crack, though.