Saturday, April 2, 2011

Lipstick Tag

I do have a few posts in the pipeline but I need pictures to go with them and I haven't had a chance to do that yet, so in the meantime, here's a lipstick tag I stole from Vintage Makeup.

1. When you were a child, did you use your mother's lipsticks?
No, my mother didn't really wear makeup. My aunt had a lot of those little white Avon samples and my cousin and I used to play around with those.

2. How old were you when you bought your first lipstick?
Probably about 14 or so. Before that it was those Maybelline Cherry lip gloss things with the roller ball.

3. Pink or red lipstick?
I love red but my lips are too thin (SAD FACE), so it's pink.

4. The most expensive lipstick you have ever bought?
Hmmm. I don't buy many expensive lipsticks, it's not really something I think is worth spending a lot of money on. I have an old Chanel one that cost me about $50 - I'd say that's probably the most expensive.

5. And the cheapest?
I bought a Jordana one from Cherry Culture for about $1 just to see what it was like. It's not very good.

6. What's the most bizarre thing you have ever done with a lipstick?
Erm.. nothing. What on earth do people do with lipsticks other than wear them on lips?

7. If you had to recommend a lipstick, which brand would you recommend and why?
Lately I've really been loving the Maybelline Color Sensationals. They're overpriced here in Australia (of course), but I'd say snap some up when Priceline has a sale on.

I tag anyone who feels like joining in!


  1. Maybelline is overpriced in Australia? I wonder why! I'm not a huge lipstick person either as it tends to dry out my lips unless super moisturizing. I like mid-range lines like Clinique for lipsticks.

  2. I think I'm too lazy for lipstick, I buy them but then I don't use them very often because of the whole staying in the lines, re-applying thing. Love question #6...kind of makes one wonder doesn't it ;)

  3. Vintage Makeup, glad you don't mind me nicking it. ;-)

    Liz, all makeup is overpriced in Australia - it's pretty much the eternal moan of the Aussie beauty blogger. Most of us do a LOT of online shopping from other countries!

    Tracy, I'm getting too lazy for it lately - reapplying is such a pain!