Monday, April 11, 2011

Tag: I Wish I Hadn't Bothered

This is a tag that Jacquie started the other day, and I struggled with it a bit, because if there's something I really regret or don't like, I tend to just give it away. If I'm not going to use something, I'd much rather it go to someone who will use it. Either that or I just throw it out. However, I had a look around and found a few things that I think fit the tag.

Philosophy Hope In A Jar
This stuff feels a lot like that Nivea moisturiser in the little blue tin, which I hate. It's greasy, doesn't absorb easily, feels thick and uncomfortable on the skin, and does nothing that I can see. It also stinks.

Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair
Honestly, I think this product reeks of the emperor's new clothes. I have never, ever read a less than glowing review of it. It's okay - it's a nice enough serum that does... nothing. Certainly not worth the $120 or whatever it costs here.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils
I had a few of these, didn't like them, and then bought more. WTF? They crease like a mofo. Enough said.

L'Oreal Voluminous Mascara
I'm a bit sad about this one because I really want to love it. I have Carbon Black and Full Definition, and although they both look awesome on lashes, they smudge really badly. They end up smeared under my eyes and I don't even wear mascara on my bottom lashes!

Urban Decay Book Of Shadows Alice In Wonderland
I've been a bit ambivalent about this for a while now. On the one hand, it's GORGEOUS. On the other hand, a lot of the colours are just way too glittery and/or shimmery. A familiar problem with Urban Decay, though they do make some of the best ever eyeshadows (well hello there, Toasted). I almost included this in my blog sale the other week, but wanted to think about it a bit longer.
Having said that, when I pulled this palette off the shelf for this post, I swatched the colours again and some of them really are beautiful. I think I might give this a bit of a work out this week and see if I change my mind about it.

I'll tag whoever feels like doing this, because I love reading these posts. So drag out your regrets and have at it!


  1. Have to agree with you about Voluminous. It looks great, but smears like crazy! That's one thing I absolutely cannot stand in a mascara.

  2. Oh, NYX Jumbo pencils! I can't work them as eyeshadow or as liner. They are too oily and crease like hell!

    But I like the EL night repair. It is my special skin treat. I am using every drop like gold, too expensive!

  3. I have two or three of the NYX jumbo pencils. So many people rave about them and I just can't get on the bandwagon. And I've never tried any Philosophy products, but they seem too hyped up for me.

  4. Oh, do they really? I've literally, about two hours ago, purchased two jumbo pencils from a blog sale...ah well, hopefully they'll be ok on me! Perhaps with a primer?

  5. I actually really like NYX jumbo pencils! They do crease but if I find that if i use a primer with it, then i just need to touch it up once. I just love how pigmented it is! You just can't get that kind of deep, rich colour with powder shadows.

  6. Definitely agree with you on the NYX jumbo pencils. I have about 4 and would have used them all about zero times over the last 2 years. Good thing they didn't cost me the world.

    I'm still on the fence with ANR -it seems to just even out the complexion and maybe even firm the skin up abit (hard to tell when I'm slathering on so many products to establish true cause and effect). I definitely only buy it from the US and not from retail here as the price is crazy.

  7. Woah.. the price for your ANR is crazy! I have the Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk and I love it. It sucks on it's own but it works wonders as a base. Also, ever since I heated and melted it into a pot, it seems to be drier o_O Doesn't crease as much anymore.

  8. I hate smeary mascara, and yerrr the nyx pencils do crease like a mofo but still I like them - perhaps because of the colour range, however they do make me want to fork out for the urban decay shadow pencils mmm

  9. ooomigosh Dee, you have the Alice in Wonderland palette!! I have been after that for AGES! I missed my chance to buy it about half a year ago and have regretted it ever since! Gorgeous colours, and yes, quite glitterbomb-y too :)

  10. femputer, good to know it's not just me - so many people bang on about this one I thought maybe I just had oddly sweaty lower eyelids or something!

    Su, I know I'm in the minority with ANR - everyone loves it. :-)

    Peach, Philosophy shower gels are nice scent-wise, but their skincare... meh.

    TSGTNP, so many people love them - I think it must depend on your eyelids. Mine are quite oily and even with a primer under them the Jumbo Pencils crease on me. You might not be so unlucky, and at least they're cheap!

    littlelucy, one thing I will say in favour of the jumbo pencils is that they really bring out the colour of powdered eyeshadows applied over them.

    lilpil, I only paid retail for ANR because I was spending birthday gift vouchers and they happened to have a GWP going at the same time - I do love an EL GWP!

    Isabel, I'm going to guess you're not an Aussie. Prices for all skincare and makeup here is crazy. It's something we all complain about endlessly!

    VM, yay! We should form a club - "People Who Don't Like NYX Jumbo Pencils". ;-)

    Jade, what UD pencils are those? Do they have something similar to the Jumbos?

  11. this post GRIEVES ME. I LOVE the pencils, enjoyed the crap out of hope in a jar, and that pretty much confirms that I must have the polar opposite skin/coloring to you. No wonder I bought so much stuff from your blog sale i.e. things you were getting rid of

  12. Emily, I got it for my birthday last year from my ex - it cost a fortune on eBay!

    Suzanne, that may work in your favour when I'm selling off my unloved stuff, then! I'm going to try HIAJ again in the dead of winter when my skin is drier. I'm not hopeful, though...

  13. I always like to see these posts, I must remember to do one like this although I think i've given away most of the things I'm not a fan of. The biggest regret for me was NARS lipgloss in Turkish Delight... runs down my lips like crazy and stinks like hell.

    PS: You need to sell the UD palette! There'll be lots of buyers out there, including me :)

  14. Wow dude you went after sacred cows - ANR, Philosphy and the Alice Palette. I love it and it's why I trust what you say about anything (disclaimer: this only relates to beauty things ;p).

    As for the NYX pencils - milk works great as a corner highlight but the rest just sit there unloved.

  15. If you are finding you still don't like the Alice in Wonderland UD Book of shadows, you will always be able to find a willing buyer in me ^_~

  16. Lilit, haven't made up my mind about the Alice palette yet - I've used it in the past couple of days and liked it, but it if I'm going to only end up using a couple of colours it's not worth keeping.

    Jacquie, Milk is good for bringing out colour - not such a need for you with all your neutrals, lol.

    Celeste, I think if I do decide to sell Alice it'll be on for young and old!

  17. I love this post, I might do one as well. I hate buying things I don't use, it saddens the cheapskate in me.

  18. Yes, do one! I want to read it. :-D

  19. I agree with everything you've said Dee. What is with the smell of Hope in a Jar? :S

  20. I hate NYX Jumbo Pencils too. Might have to do a post like this soon!

  21. Sarah, it reminds me of lanolin, but I don't think it is. It's horrid.

    Michelle, come join the NYX Jumbo Pencil Haters Morning Tea Club!

  22. Agreed on the NYX jumbo pencils. I'm going to keep on trying to find a way to make them work, though, because I am NOT going to let my money go to waste. NOT!

  23. The Rhapsode, I'm a bit the same, but I think I may have to admit defeat. They've just been sitting there looking at me for so long now.

  24. Yeh the UD are shadow pencils but they're meant to be really good (stay put) and come in a great colour range :)