Sunday, June 19, 2011

Update Blah Blah Blah

It's been like Chicago Hope (I'm old school) at our house of late - drama drama drama. First Noodle Arms was diagnosed with low iron, and then after three trips to emergency for me, including one overnight stay, it was discovered that I have high blood pressure, high glucose and muscle pain. Fun! The doctor who saw me before I could be let out of the hospital:

Dr: You have muscle pain.
Me: Yes, I've always had it.
Dr: Sore shoulders?
Me: Yes, always.
Dr: Sore knees?
Me: No.
Dr: Really? (squeezes my knees)
Me: OW!
Dr: Sore hips?
Me: No, but I'm sure you're about to prove me wrong.
Dr squeezes my hips.
Me: OW!

Obviously I'm not thrilled to have all this going on, but considering my main fear was whether I was having a heart attack, I can live with it. And it's all manageable with nutrition and exercise. Noodles has upped her intake of red meat and leafy greens and seems much more perky as well.

I tell you what, though - hospitals are the most depressing place ever. I was in a room overnight with a bunch of old ladies and it was just... ugh. I want to get super healthy so I don't have to be a frail, disoriented old woman in a hospital. And the woman in the bed next to me died!

There was one moment of entertainment though - I was in emergency waiting around for some blood test results and I overheard a doctor having a conversation with a guy lying on a guerney. She was asking him questions and he was mumbling, so she was reiterating everything he said to make sure it was correct. At one point I heard, "So you had 12 pints of beer and then a stripper bought you a drink and it all went bad after that?"


  1. I was feeling sorry for you then you made me lols.

    I was in emergency once and the doctor by the bed next to me was doing the same thing, and it turns out the lady in question had decided to take NONE of her usual medication and was shocked to realize doing such a thing lands you in the emergency room. Some people.

    PS. I also heard one dude ask his nurse in total seriousness if he had leprosy.

  2. Oh! Hope you and Noodles are both feeling better and healthier soon. ):

    Also, I hate it when strippers bring me my thirteenth pint, then next thing I know, I'm in the hospital.

  3. Suzanne, your PS made me laugh out loud. LITERALLY.

    Michelle, I love that it wasn't the 12 PINTS OF BEER that were the problem in his mind.

  4. Sorry to hear Dee, sounds like you guys are having a tough time :( Blame it on stress?
    At least now you know and can do something about it. It could have hit you harder before you even knew it. I hope you both feel healthy and bright soon :)

    Ha, that last part made me LOL. I have once asked a mother of a 3 month old if it hurt when she was in labour 0_o

  5. Oh dear. I hope you and Noodle Arms are feeling better soon. I also hate those sneaky strippers.

  6. Hope you and Noodle Arms are feeling better soon, Sounds like you need Sam Neill to come around and cook a barbie for you.

  7. I hope you both feel better soon, it's not much fun being sick.

    Just goes to show that strippers can't be trusted. 12 pints of beer are fine, but when a stripper brings you a drink that's the end of things, funny that.

  8. Su, I think it's more lazy living than stress. ;-)

    Thanks, Stacey. And don't take drinks from strippers!

    Natalie, does he actually cook or just dance around a bit? Either way, he seems like fun - he could come over.

    Thanks, Anissa. We're both starting to feel better now that we know what's going on. :-)

  9. I'm really sorry to hear all this Dee, but I'm relieved that the solution is so simple! I hope you're feeling much better already.

    Hehe...strippers and pints... ;)

  10. I hope you start to feel better dear! I love the kitten photo, so cute!

  11. HOLY CRAP!!! Dee three trips to the ER 0_o glad to hear that you're ok though, well apart from the high glucose/blood pressure muscle pain *hugs* hope you're on the mend!

  12. Oh, Dee. I waver between feeling bad and laughing out loud at the way you told the stories. Glad you're getting better!

    P.S. I don't know how you feel about blog awards but you've been tagged:

  13. Thanks, guys. Still in the wars a bit but hopefully it will get better soon. :-)

  14. Oh no, hope you feel better soon.

    Love the conversation you overheard. The hospital is one of those places where anything could be said and no one would bat an eyelid. I bet doctors and nurses hear the weirdest things all the time!

  15. OMG the widdle bay kitten with the widdle baby cast ahhhhh.

    Oh dear hope you are bot on the mend (and the kitty is Ok wherever he is!1)