Saturday, August 13, 2011

June/July Empties

Ugh, it's been a while. I just have no motivation to do anything at the moment. I haven't worn makeup or perfume in a couple of months, and writing just seems like way too much hard work. I hope I'm back to normal soon, because I'm pretty much over it. :-(

Anyway, I finally got around to taking a picture of my empties for the past couple of months so I could throw them out. I haven't been using much of anything, so I haven't really managed to work through much.

Dr Lewinn's Anti-ageing Foaming Cleanser
I was sent this in a group of five products to trial, and of all of them it was my favourite - I like a foamy cleanser to wash my face with in the mornings but most of them do make my skin feel tight. This one doesn't at all. Would I repurchase? Definitely, once I've used up the 45 other foaming-type cleansers I have.

Terax Crema
My favourite hair conditioner, and Noodle Arms has discovered its wonders now too so I'm getting through it a lot more quickly than I used to. I'll have to start buying the giant bottles again. Repurchase? Yes - over and over and over.

Vaseline Intensive Rescue Soothing Hand Cream
Meh. You get what you pay for with hand cream. I probably got this at my local IGA one afternoon when I just needed something quickly. It's okay, but it's a $5 hand cream - what more can I say? Repurchase? Probably - when I need something quickly again one afternoon.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm
I have owned loads of these, but I'm sure I've only ever actually bought one - it's one of those products that seems to always be included in Clarins' GWPs (they have the best GWPs, seriously). I don't buy into the hype of this stuff at all - it's nice, but it's nothing special. Repurchase? No, but I don't really need to - I think I have two or three more around and I'm sure there will be future GWPs coming.

Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser
Jacquie gave me this because she didn't like it. I'm not really a fan of Dermalogica; I think it's over-rated and overpriced - or at least here in Australia (like everything else). However, I did quite like this - I used it to wash my face in the shower in the mornings, and like the Dr Lewinn's one, it didn't dry my skin out. It worked well with my Clarisonic as well. Repurchase? Maybe - only from Strawberrynet, though. I wouldn't pay full price here for it.

Dermalogica Multivitamin Thermafoliant
Another Dermalogica product I didn't mind - I got this as part of a trial kit a while ago and it had been sitting in a drawer unused. I don't generally like to use scrubs and grainy exfoliants but I had some flaky skin happening so I gave it a go. I have another trial size - possibly another freebie from Jacquie, I can't remember) that I'm working through at the moment, but it's lasting me a while as I only use it once a week. Repurchase? Undecided. Maybe if I saw a good deal on Strawberrynet.

Nivea Visage Triple Action Soy+ Eye and Lip Care
I bought this ages ago after seeing Jacie's trial results. It's a damn good eye cream for the price, and I would repurchase, but not for a while since I have about 20 other eye creams to use up first.

L'Oreal Voluminous Masacaras - Full Definition and Carbon Black
Oh, I wanted so much to love these! They give the false lash effect beautifully, but they smudge like a mofo. It's just ridiculous - at the end of the day it's reverse panda eyes all over the place. I'm glad I only paid about $3 each for them online, because L'Oreal mascaras are about $26 here (INORITE). And you can't even get these ones in Australia as far as I know. Why is that? WHY? Anyway, repurchasing is a big fat no, but it breaks my heart a little because for a couple of hours at least they just look freakin' awesome. *sob*

Urban Decay Primer Potion
This one was the freebie that came with the Alice in Wonderland palette. I wouldn't repurchase (I have another freebie that came with Nekkid) because I think it's highly over-rated stuff. It just doesn't seem that fantastic to me. I know lots of people love it and more power to you for finding something that works for you, but it's not my thing.


  1. Yay, missed your posts, hell you could write about anything and I'd read it, I'm getting on the Terax wagon too, rather fond of the Miele shampoo :)

  2. I don't think I've tried that! I'll keep an eye out for it.

  3. I really like the green Dr lewinn's stuff. We've missed you Dee x

  4. Claire, I totally agree with you about UDPP making it hard to blend shadows! It sort of defeats the purpose of using it.

    Natalie, I quite liked the toner in the green Dr Lewinn's as well - and the prices are pretty cheap. This seems to be their budget range.

  5. The Dermalogica wasn't from me because I want to try that product too. Good to know you like it though :)

  6. So sorry to hear you had acbad run with Loreal Voluminous mascaras- have you tried the Loreal Volume Million Lashes in the gold tube?- it's awesome!

  7. Hi Jodi, haven't tried that one - I've heard mixed reviews about it, though. I just balk at paying the price of L'Oreal here, it's so ridiculous compared to the States. :-(