Saturday, October 8, 2011

NYX Matte Lipstick: Angel and Perfect Red

No matter how much beauty crap I have, and no matter how much I swear that I am not going to buy anything no matter what for the next 25 years, I cannot resist a new NYX product. Actually, that's not entirely true - I have little interest in their face products (foundation, primer, concealer, etc). I cannot resist their coloured products - lips, eyes, cheeks. So even though I've been on my alleged No Buy for some time, when I was idly checking out Cherry Culture with no intention of buying anything (why do I do that?) and saw that NYX has new matte lipsticks, I had to try them.   

From left: Angel and Perfect Red

As usual, the swatches on the site are pants, so I Googled around and found one that looked like my kind of shade - Angel. Unfortunately, the swatches I looked at are either not true to life, or my computer screen has gone awry (more likely explanation), as it's not quite what I was expecting. The colour reminds me a lot of their Round Lipstick in the shade Fig, which I always wanted to love but could never quite make work on me.  
I deliberately chose a red shade for the second one, even though I don't wear red lipstick (my lips are too thin). That sounds ridonk, but I find that matte lipsticks are good for applying a 'stain' so I thought it might be a nice way to get away with a red shade on my angry little Nelly Olson mouth. 

These are modelled (as usual) by Noodle Arms - for reasons outlined above. 

Top - Angel, Bottom - Perfect Red

I wore Perfect Red around the house on the weekend to test out the feel of it and the staying power. Like all matte lipsticks, it is a little drying, though I didn't find it too bad - I've definitely had worse. It's got great staying power - it even lasted through brushing my teeth!
Aussies can buy these from the US via Cherry Culture or Nonpareil Boutique (and as always with those two stores, I recommend waiting for one of their many sales to get more bang for your buck and make up for the shipping a little - the next one will no doubt be Hallowe'en). Most of the range is also available at Crush Cosmetics, if you want to pay more but get them faster. 


  1. Havent actually tried these yet, which is nuts because I have about eleventy billion Round lipsticks.

    Also want some of the new slide on eye pencils! And I do want to try the foundations eventually...

  2. tysm for this review.. I wanted to try these out but havenàt yet xxxx perfect red looks awesome.. and I usually hate reds haha xD

  3. Suzanne, the slide on eye pencils will no doubt be in my next order when I crash and burn on my No Buy again. I'm not really into the foundations - that's one thing I think you get what you pay for, so I don't tend to like the 'drugstore' ones much (Revlon ColorStay excepted).

    Dyna, you're welcome - I hope you found it helpful. Perfect Red is a really nice, wearable red. :-)