Thursday, October 15, 2009

It takes a lot of money to look this cheap

I'm all classy and stuff, and I tend to prefer the more high end brands of skincare and make up. I don't mean high end like La Mer, but more high end than Maybelline, if you get my drift. Estee Lauder, Clarins, Chanel, that kind of thing.

My make up BFF J is more low rent than I am, and she favours the cheap and cheerful. She's a devotee of Cherry Culture, and her make up collection is about four or five times the size of mine. She's been trying to get me to try it for ages, but I screw up my snobby little nose and hug my fancypants little cases possessively. She doesn't drink either. Seriously, why am I hanging out with this chick?

However, I have champaggen tastes on a beer budget, and I've realised that if I want to keep buying pretty things and keep a roof over my head at the same time, I need to lower my standards. So last night I had a look through the Cherry Culture website, and OH EM GEE WHAT HAVE I BEEN MISSING? So many things, so little cost! After about three hours of checking out everything on the site I ordered 24 different items for about $60AUD. That's less than the cost of one Chanel eye quad.

I bought a lot of colours I wouldn't normally get (peaches, aquas, etc.), because I figured for $2-$3, if it turns out to be crap, who cares?

Now I'm waiting excitedly for my goodies to arrive. Watch this space for an indepth report on how they stack up against the more expensive gear.

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