Friday, January 15, 2010

Random stuff

Tag from essjay23x's blog - what products are you currently using? Since I'm sitting here trying to pretend that the American Idol auditions are not on TV, I thought I'd kill some time by answering the questions. (Oh my god, they were so MEAN to that poor skinny southern boy!).

SHAMPOO Vivagen by Redken. I think it's actually a men's shampoo, but I'm currently just using up things I have, and with the conditioner I use, I don't really care about my shampoo. It could be dish detergent.

CONDITIONER Terax Crema. LOVE IT. It's my holy grail conditioner and I don't think I would ever use anything else. 

SHOWER GEL Again, I'm currently using up whatever is in the house. It's just a Palmolive supermarket one. Shea Butter and something or other.

STYLING PRODUCTS I have very fine, thin straight hair, so I try to put as little product in it as possible, otherwise it just gets bogged down. I usually spray a bit of Pure Shine Thermal Styler in it. To give you an idea of how little I use, I think I have had my current bottle for nearly two years, and it's still over a third full.

BODY MOISTURISER None. I know, I know! I'm terrible. I can't stand it in Summer though. I just hate feeling sticky. And in Summer I don't need it.

DEODORANT Mitchum Unscented. I've used it for years.

FAKE TAN Never use it. Hate the stuff.

FOUNDATION A mix of Revlon ColorStay Sand Beige and Chanel Mat Lumiere Cendre.

POWDER Chanel Poudre Douce Mimosa. The reason I could never get into mineral foundation or pressed powders is because I hate the feeling of powder on my face, but this one is super sheer and light and I can't feel it all. I apply it with the huge SS150 Sigma powder brush, just to take the shine off my forehead.

CONCEALER Coastal Scents Camo Quad and Joey New York Semi-Permanent Concealer in #1. I love my concealer!

BLUSH I vary every day, but my current most-used one is probably Milani Luminous.

BRONZER Never use it. I don't like looking tanned.

HIGHLIGHTER Never use it. I just look weird with shiny things on my face.

NAIL COLOUR None. I'm currently working on trying to strengthen them. I never have any trouble growing my nails, but they are really soft and they split and peel and get trashed. I'm taking Silica tablets again and I've just started to rub Vitamin E oil into them, which I heard about from one of dazzledust25's videos. Therefore, no paint.

EYESHADOW Well, today I had Wild and Crazy Baby Doll (salmon pink) on my lids and Milani Clover (green) on the crease. I'm on this kick of using different eyeshadows every day at the moment, since I have over 400 colours to play with (in my defence, I have 3 of those 88 palettes, so I'm not a hoarder or anything).

MASCARA Clinique High Impact Mascara (in black, of course). I got it free with a GWP and I rather like it. I currently have three or four other unopened mascaras though, so I won't be buying a full size one any time soon.

LIPSTICK Again, because I have so many, I'm trying to use different ones all the time, but I keep cheating and coming back to NYX Round Lipstick in Heather. It's a pinkish-brownish-pink (hard to describe.. rose brown?), and I love it. I've worn it three times this week. My other current favourite is NYX Tinted Lip Spa in Copacobana, a light pink.

LIPGLOSS Not lately. I don't know why, just more into lipsticks at the moment.

PERFUME And yet again, I have so, so many (I've been buying samples and decants like a fiend lately), that I try to wear a different one each day. Today it was one of my favourites, BPAL Jazz Funeral. My boss loved it, another girl at work asked for the details of where I got it, and a third one said she hated it and it gave her a headache. Oh well, you can't please everyone! I'm very fond of Fendi Theorema at the moment, too.

I won't tag any blog people, because I don't know any (I'm all shy and stuff), so instead I will tag two of my lj and RL friends - pieces_of_nine and chloeblue2005. This will tell me once and for all whether they really do read my blog, or whether they are just humouring me when they nod vigorously and say things like, "Oh yeah, Dee - I love reading your opinions about mineral makeup. They're so interesting."

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