Sunday, January 3, 2010

Swatch of EDM and Bourjois Christmas gift.

This is my Christmas present from Makeup BFF J - a lovely eyeshadow from Bourjois (Violet Absolu), and one of the new eyeshadow collections from Everyday Minerals. I'm really annoyed with EDM, because I'd gotten rid of all of my stuff of theirs due to the mess, and then they started bringing out these amazing new colours and IT'S ALL HAPPENING AGAIN. I am resisting even looking at their site while I'm on my No Spending Quarter. Too, too tempting.

Anyway, I am loving these colours, and here are some pretty, pretty swatches, done over NYX white eye base. Thanks, J!

From left: French Films, Rock Anthem, Vintage Denim.

Bourjois Violet Absolu.

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