Saturday, February 27, 2010

Possets: A quick look (and sniff).

A few weeks ago I bought some BPALs from a lovely girl on Livejournal, and also a bottle called The Girls Love Vanilla, by Possets, a company I was vaguely aware of because they're often mentioned in BPAL circles. I loved the oil - a very sweet vanilla with a honey base - so I thought I'd better take a look at these Possets people. (As it happens, it seems to be a Possets person - the perfume oils are created by Fabienne Christensen, owner of the company.) They offer any 6 samples from their permanent collection for $10US, and shipping is as cheap as chips. I went through the list and got to 8, and I was only up to the letter M by then, so I had to splash out and buy two lots of 6... yes, had to...

First of all, let me say that I am SUPER impressed by the speed of their shipping. I received my perfumes 8 days after ordering. They must have been whipping those babies into an envelope the second my order came through. I ordered some BPALs on the same day and it will be several weeks before I see those (though in fairness, they do make the perfume oils for each order, which is why it takes a while).

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Noodle Arms and I sniffed all of these one by one the other evening, until we ended up all headachy and queasy. Most of the ones I bought were foody, with a few florals and musks as well. On top of the 12 I bought, we received four free samples:

Mrs Rabbit's Carrot Cake: a cheesecake-ish vanilla scent.
Fluoxetine: a lollyish scent that's hard to describe.
The Clockwork Kumquat-Oregon: a citrusy-fruity scent that I surprisingly rather liked, as I am not usually a fan of citrus or fruit at all.
Sweet New England-Vermont: another citrusy one with a sharp note of lime that isn't my cup of tea at all. Noodles loved this one so I gave it to her.

I love, love love chocolate scents, so I ordered a few of those, including a trio of chocolate variations - Giddy, Glee and Guffaw, as well as Passion, Id, and Queen Of The Night, an unusual scent with a note that smells like it might be chocolate and might not be. Noodles was all over that one, and since I liked it but didn't love it, I gave that to her as well.

I'm also a nut for anything vanilla, so I wanted to try BBC The Big Black Cat and Reason, described on the site as "(a)bout 6 vanillas and three toffees and a big glop of butter and cream on it all". Having sniffed it now, I think that's a pretty spot on description!

Finally, I ordered some musky scents, because I'm a fan of slinky oriental fragrances. My choices were Madame X, Lamp Black, Eve, and Dangerous Oil.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be wearing these and testing them properly, but so far after just having had a play with a couple and a sniff of them all, I'm kind of loving them. If you're a fan of foody or musk scents, they're definitely worth checking out.

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