Thursday, March 18, 2010

Project 10 Pan (of sorts) progress.


A few weeks ago I vowed to undertake Project 10 Pan (of sorts) - 10 full products and 10 trial size products before I buy anything else. I have to admit I haven't stuck entirely faithfully to the "no buying until this is done" - I've bought some eyeshadow samples from Aromaleigh and of course, my gorgeous Alice In Wonderland palette. I managed to convince The Photographer to cough up for that one as an early birthday present, so that doesn't really count as "my" purchase anyway. Oh, and today I was buying a bunch of stuff online for Noodles' birthday and accidentally bought some more Aromaleigh samples. But you know... samples shouldn't count. Should they? I say no. New rule: Samples don't count.

So far I've used up a full size Chanel Oil Cleanser and Skinn By Dimitri James moisturiser. For the trial sizes I've used a Chanel moisturiser, a trio of Paula's Choice acne product samples (Noodles used those, actually, but I bought them so they still count), and a Schwarzkopf hair growth serum thingie. I wasn't going to count hair products, but this is an offbeat one that I bought on a whim and wouldn't buy again, so it goes into P10P(os). I have about four other products that I'm nearly done with, so this is actually moving a bit more quickly than I expected. I doubt I'm going to get through an eyeshadow or full size lipstick, though. I just can't seem to slap on enough to even make a dent in one!


  1. hmmm.... I say nothing....

  2. Good luck! Seems like you're doing well so far - and of course samples don't count!