Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Super nice people on the internets.

I mentioned in a previous post that a while back I bought some BPALs from a girl on Livejournal. It was my first "online person" purchase and she was really nice - communicating with me, answering my stupid questions about feedback protocol and so on. She also sent me some free Imps along with the perfumes, which I was thrilled about. So when she updated her sales post I decided to do a bit more spending, and ordered these.

Not gonna lie, I bought some of these just for the names, though luckily they do all smell great. From left: 

The Cupcake Spatter Pattern Analysis:  Frosted chocolate cupcakes and filth.

Were Puppy:  A fuzzy brown honey-dusted musk covering freshly-washed baby skin and a howl of milk-breath. In the background, there's the barest hint of upturned soil and dew-covered squished stems from a trampled flowerbed.

Lucy, Kissed:  Diabolical voluptuousness, a siren song from the grave: juniper and yew brushing against blackened violets and funeral roses, red musk and hot blood, veined white marble and icy, brittle musk, all pulsing with the sinister, hypnotic scent of patchouli, amber, oude and cubeb.

The Candy Butcher:  Dark chocolate with a heavy cream undertone. 

Aside from the perfumes I bought from her, she also sent me a ton of other goodies!

That's not even all of it - there are a few other bits and pieces around that Noodle Arms made off with. Everything was wrapped up separately like little presents, and while I was busy opening them all and squealing delightedly, Noodle Arms had pounced on a heap of lollies also included and was wolfing them down. I never even got to see what they were.

It was so much fun to open all of those goodies, and what a sweet thing to do for someone you don't even know! So this is a very public thank you to you, Louise. Your kindness and generosity was very much appreciated!


  1. I want to smell EVERYTHING!!!

  2. I received my BPAL order today - one 5ml LE, 12 Imps and 6 more Imps they three in for gratis. AND I also got some unloved ones from Jodi. Sniff-o-rama!