Sunday, April 11, 2010

A few brief thoughts about Poison Apple Potions

I mentioned in my Etsy post that I'd happened across a perfume shop called Poison Apple Potions. While the staying power and intensity is a bit hit and miss, the scents themselves are all really lovely, and very true to their descriptions. I've ordered a full bottle of one of the samples, and another five vials to try out. Because, you know, I just do not have enough perfume...

Garden Of Graves:  A beautiful scent with a dominant note of fresh cut roses, but I already have a lot of perfumes that smell similar, and it doesn't have a lot of staying power.

Vamped: Violets and musk, but very faint. I could barely smell anything in the vial, and when I applied it to my wrist I had to get my nose right up against it to pick up the scent. It had disappeared completely within an hour.

Powder Room: White floral, with notes of jasmine, gardenia and magnolia, some of my favourites. I love this one, but again, it's quite faint and disappears very quickly. If it had a little more oomph I'd definitely have bought a full bottle, but it's just too delicate for me.

Madagascar (not currently listed on the site): Let me say up front that if you're a fan of vanilla, you'll probably love this. It's a deep, warm true vanilla scent. Unfortunately, it smells exactly like Crabtree and Evelyn's Vanilla Room Spray, which my friend uses as toilet spray, and I just can't get past that connection.

Lady Victoria: An absolutely gorgeous jasmine and vanilla scent. Excellent staying power - I put it on in the evening and could still smell it on my wrist the next morning. This was my favourite, and the one I just ordered in a full size.

Overall, I think these fragrances are definitely worth trying if you're a fan of perfume oils; their florals are particularly lovely. I'm considering ordering a couple more (I really do love that Powder Room) and decanting them into roll on bottles, as I think that would make it much easier to reapply frequently and get around the lack of staying power.

*The image is from the seller's own site.


  1. What a shame about the staying power for vamped and powder room - they sound just divine! Checking out that Etsy seller now :)

  2. Hi Stefanie, thanks for dropping by. :-)

    Oddly enough, Powder Room made me think of you, because I know you're a fan of white florals. I'm still considering getting a full size bottle and seeing if it would be any better decanted into a roll on. It's SO lovely.