Saturday, April 10, 2010

GWPs always make everything better.

I am having a horrible time at work at the moment - yesterday I was told that I could not be released from a job that I loathe to do a job that I would probably love, so I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself. Therefore, I suspended my Project 10 Pan for the day and indulged myself with the latest Estee Lauder GWP. I spent last night poring over the Estee Lauder website looking for something to spend $70 on in order to get the goodies, but the only thing I particularly need in the next few weeks is foundation, and the foundations that interested me were $68. Coincidence? I think not!

In the end I decided I needed enough cheering up to justify a splurge on something I've been coveting for AGES.

And this is the gift that came with it.

There were two versions - the other one had anti-ageing products, and though I have tried them before and really liked them (particularly Perfectionist CP+ Serum, which I LOVE), I chose this one because I've never used the Pore Minimising Serum or the Day Wear Moisturiser before, so I figured I might as well while I have the chance.

And this is Noodles' little splurge - she's a bit obsessed with painting her nails at the moment, and these were only $2 each in Morning Glory. So she too is a happy camper. 

Now I'm going to make ribs - a two day project.


  1. I hope things work out at your job xox

  2. Thanks. :-)

    I have a few other long term ones to apply for, so fingers crossed.