Monday, April 5, 2010

One or both of these items is keeping me young.

A couple of months ago I received a tube of ROC Retin-Ox Wrinkle Filler to review for Beauty Heaven, which was very exciting as I'd never received anything from them before. Around the same time, I finally cracked into a jar of Estee Lauder Time Zone that I'd bought on a whim months earlier to get a GWP (Estee Lauder always has the best GWPs).

I was more rigorous about using the Wrinkle Filler, as that was for review purposes, and right up to the day I was due to submit my review (after about six weeks of use), I was convinced that there was nothing more than a cosmetic effect, that - as the name suggests - it filled in wrinkles while you had it on, and once you washed it off it was gone. However, when I was examining "after" pics of my giant forehead, I realised that it was actually looking more smooth, and this was without the product applied. I could also feel that it was less "indented", if you know what I mean. I continued using it after my review was submitted, and I've noticed a definite change in the appearance of my (few, it has to be said) wrinkles. It's obviously a product that takes a few weeks to kick in.

I used the Time Zone about three or four times a week around the same time - it was particularly hot weather at the time and I hate having layers of product on my face in Summer, so a lot of the time I just let the wrinkle filler act as a moisturiser. So I don't know that it really had much of an effect on the end result, but it is a lovely, smooth moisturiser that sinks in quickly and doesn't have that general Estee Lauder problem of being so overly-fragranced that you feel like you're in an old lady's "best room" waiting for a watery cup of tea and  a stale scone. I'm just about to run out of it in the next couple of days (woo - P10P addition!), and I don't think I'll buy it again. It was $120, and for that price I could buy a jar of the Planet Skincare moisturiser I've been coveting for ages.

I will buy some more of the ROC Wrinkle Filler, though - that's definitely earning its keep.

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  1. You've sold me. Anything that fills wrinkles speaks directly to me