Sunday, April 4, 2010

What I loved in March

In the suburbs you used to be able to find (I don't know whether you still can, I've lived in a metropolitan city for six years) little hair salons that were invarably named after the owner - "Hair By Tracey", "Sheryl's House Of Curls", and so on. They had dusty venetian blinds on the window, a monsteria plant in a corner somewhere, and their waiting area was furnished with cane chairs. They are what I think of as "old lady salons", and I adore them - particularly the smell. Cedel Hairspray make me think of old lady salons, which is why it's my favourite hairspray. It's in my March favourites because I'm desperately in need of a hair cut and I've lots of stray, flyaway hairs and ratted ends at the moment, so I've been using this quite a lot in a vain attempt to keep it all under control. Off to the hairdresser in the next couple of weeks for sure.

The Palmer's Lip Butter came in very handy thanks to my (horrible) new job working in what is basically a call centre (though they keep saying it isn't). The constant talking all day is making me feel terribly dehydrated, including my lips. I've never used so much lip balm in my life! 

I had intended to use my blue and green eyeshadows in March, but for some reason I kept gravitating towards neutrals (unusual for me!). The three I hit up most often were Urban Decay's Toasted and Illegal, and MAC French Cuff. I used Milani Luminous Blush pretty much every day - love that stuff. I didn't have any particular favourite lipstick this month, though NYX's Peony (not pictured) got a bit of a work out. It's a neutral pinky-brown and goes pretty much everything.

After about two years, I finally used up my Paula's Choice clear lipliner and started on the BeneFit D'finer D'liner that I bought during a Strawberrynet splurge a few months ago. It's a chunky pencil, whereas the PC one was a slim one. I'm not sure I like the chunky type much - I feel like I'm smearing vaseline around the outside of my lips. It does work though, and that's why I kept going back to it even though I have a ton of other (coloured) lipliners.

And finally, I need to give a shoutout to my faithful friend, the Physician's Formula Concealer Twins. I use this every day and I love it to death. The green is perfect for covering the redness in my cheeks without making me break out (unlike the Coastal Scents Camo Quad). I don't use the other side terribly often - it's too liquidy for under the eyes, but it's good for blemishes when they pop up. I wonder if they sell the green just on its own?

So tell me about your favourite things for March!


  1. That's so true of Cedel hair spray. I especially liked it because it was the first to come in a purse size - which was a bonus in the 80's when touchups were always necessary.

    My March product would be Dior Extase Mascara. I'm a fan of Dior mascaras and I had to try the new one. Good product but I'm not going to buy it over the traditional Diorshow or Iconic. It has a 'tiered' brush that swirls in and out to skinny and fat - great for the lashes with length but not so good at reaching the shorter ones.

  2. I hear so much about the Dior Mascaras but I've yet to try one. I currently have three unopened black mascaras in a drawer and one just opened on the go, but if I ever get through all of those, Diorshow is the top of my list. :-)