Sunday, May 16, 2010

And for no reason at all...

Just because I was in the bedroom taking a picture of the Haus of Gloi products, I also snapped away at whatever happened to be left and right of me. So you get to see a little piece of my life - isn't that exciting? (Just play along.) I would not take a photo of the entire bedroom at the moment as it's a trash heap. The perfumes in that picture are not "on display" - they're just ones I've bought in the last couple of weeks and have been too lazy to put away properly yet.

My ex is moving out next week (it's all very amicable, no drama, don't worry), and I'm just waiting for all his bloke stuff to be gone so Noodles and I can re-girlify the entire house. I've never been able to have oil burners or vases of flowers or scented candles while I have lived with him, because the smells give him a headache. A perfume junkie and an allergy-prone scent-hater. Match made in heaven...

You know the worst thing about living with a man? Cords. No kidding, cords EVERYWHERE. Because he has a giant television, AND a DVD player, AND a Blu Ray player, AND a PS3, AND a Wii (technically, that's Noodles' actually - he bought it for her, but I suspect just so he had an excuse to buy one), AND a receiver thingie, AND a boombox thingie that the receiver thingie plugs into, AND the Foxtel HD box doodad. And of course, they all have various cords and cables. So ugly and annoying. Boys and their toys. At least my toys - makeup, costume jewellery, perfume, etc - are pretty. Mind you, I say that, but look at the state of this:

Must find some other way of storing all  of that stuff...

Once we have sorted out the house and had a big clean up, I might post some pics. I like looking at people's houses, and I assume I'm not the only one.Or maybe I am - maybe I'm just nosy!


  1. I love Rachael Ashwell's Shabby Shic. I've followed her decorating style for years. I first saw her show on Foxtel's Lifestyle Channel and fell for her style. I love her bedrooms. I love how easy it is to adapt what she does to your budget. I live semi rural and her shabby country look is so fitting.
    And it's a very girly style - no cords!

    This explains why you chose the decorating style for you layout.

    We have the same tastes.

  2. I can't wait to see the new decor... and will happily invite myself for any candle purchasing outings...

  3. Lisa, I used to watch Shabby Chic on Foxtel too - I wish they'd bring it back. I like a toned-down version of her style, less clutter, more clean lines. I love white furniture - I paint everything white!

    J - candle shopping yes, Dusk no. I want an oil burner too.