Sunday, May 16, 2010

Review: Haus Of Gloi (Etsy)

 I made a brief mention of my first Haus Of Gloi purchase in a post about Etsy purchases, but I feel they're worthy of their own post. I had never heard of them until someone in a youtube comment mentioned them, and now reviews and mentions of them are popping up on blogs everywhere. Isn't that always the way?

The first time I bought four samples of their perfume oils, and I talked about those a bit in the previous post. The very fruity Imp went to Noodle Arms, lover of All Things Grapefruit Scented, and she has it in her regular rotation. As I've said many times, I dislike fruit scents, but on her seem to work very well. Maybe they're just a little girl's thing and not meant for a grown woman of - uh - well, a grown woman anyway. Honey Tree is lovely but too similar to a few other perfumes I already have, and as much as I wanted to love Satyr, I just couldn't make it work on me. I think it would make a gorgeous room scent in an oil burner, but on my skin... no. My favourite of the four was the deliciously creamy Troika, and the reason for my second order was just to get a full bottle of that.

Since I was buying anyway, I picked up another couple of sample items - Vice perfume oil, and Twice Is Nice Sugar Creme scrub. This is a moisturising scrub, not a cleansing scrub, and my personal preference is for the cleansing variety (because I am lazy, and I like products that do two things). Having said that, this is a lovely product. I have actually been using it on my hands - it makes them softer and easier to absorb hand cream. The scent of Twice Is Nice is a sweet coconut cream, and doesn't last long on the skin (which for me is a good thing, because I don't like highly scented body products). I would not buy a full size of this product for two reasons - the international shipping is high due to the weight, and I wouldn't generally use it on anything other than my hands. However, I think I will definitely continue to buy sample sizes in various fragrances when I purchase other items, and add it to my regular handcare routine. 

As for the Vice perfume oil, all I can say is OM NOM NOM NOM. Chocolate and coffee, but not sweet - the coffee cuts through any sugariness you might get from the chocolate. This is just divine, and I think it would smell equally delicious on a man. I live for the day I have a man in my clutches who a) likes the smell of perfume, and b) would actually wear fragrance himself. Ah, I can dream. In the meantime, I just have to keep putting this on my wrists and sniffing myself.

That sounded a bit creepy, didn't it...

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