Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lots of pictures of nothing in particular.

While I was looking for ways to avoid writing job applications on the weekend, I finally got around to doing some proper cleaning and decluttering. We live in a wee little house with not much storage, so it doesn't take much to start looking a mess. Behold our hard work (and ignore my unmade bed)! Warning - extremely pic heavy...

These cushions would be on the bed if it were made.

This dresser was in Noodles' room with some weirdo handles on it. I am going to paint it white ASAP - I hate that pink.

This little dish has perfume oils that I've tried and don't like. I keep them there until I get around to giving them away to someone.
An old picture of Noodle Arms that I really like. She's about five there. Awww.
This is the top drawer of the dresser. What's in these boxes, then?
Perfumes! I've finally found a spot to put them all, as well as all of my decanting bottles, pipettes, and so on. On the left are all my samples, and on the right are my perfume oils - BPAL, Haus of Gloi, etc.
Decants from The Perfumed Court.
Scent By The Sea samples.
Wiggle perfumes, and some sample vials from The Morbid The Merrier, sitting there waiting for me to get around to reviewing them.
I took this desk out of the kitchen because it wasn't getting used for anything other than dumping stuff on. I'm going to paint it white and use it as a dressing table. It looks a bit sparse, but once I get some proper storage baskets and a nice, big mirror and light it will be good. By the way, it's on a lean like that because our floor needs restumping. Same with the bed.
The top drawer has my brushes. I moved all of this stuff out of the bathroom, which looks really empty now!
Second drawer - random makeup. I am going to Ikea on the weekend and hopefully I can get some storage baskets or containers to keep this a bit neater.
Third drawer - samples and trial size products.
Unopened products and things I'm not using at the moment.

I sorted out my eyeshadows as well. These are the blue and purple ones. Oddly some of these look green or red in the photo.
Green eyeshadows.
Pinks and reds.
Nail polish shelf. Again, note the lean!
Palettes, bits and bobs.
I don't know about you, but whenever I see a photo that has bookshelves in it, I spend ages trying to see what the books are. 
This is a picture of an orangutan that Noodles did when she was 6 or 7. I have it up on my bedroom wall because I just like it.

And speaking of Noodles, she spent most of the day cleaning her own room. It was a big job because not only is she a bit of a slob (it has to be said), she is also a major hoarder. It's still not up to my lofty standards of clutter-free neatness, but it's a lot cleaner than it was and she's really pleased with it.
She doesn't make her bed either, but I set a bad example there. She's quite weird and likes to have lots of things at the top of her head for some reason, hence the extra doona, extra pillow, and scrunched up hospital blanket.It doesn't look cleaned up at all, does it? Believe me, by her usual standards, this is spotless!
Her manga collection.
This shelf is organised by colour, which I thought was really cute. Even her perfumes are sorted into colours.

Her lip balm collection. Cute. :-)

This is my favourite picture of her. She's about three or four - the cat is my dad's. He was a bit of a doofus.

Man, that was a lot of work. Now I'm going to have a snack and watch some TV.


  1. This all looks great. I totally envy your storage now! I love how noodles organised her stuff by colour.... legendary.

  2. I know, I thought that was so cool. It took me a moment to notice, and then I was oohing and ahhing all over the place. She's such a peach. :-)

  3. That's so weird... I thought I commented on this yesterday! Target have some really good hard clear plastic drawer sorting thingies of all sorts of different shapes and sizes and for the cheapness, too.