Saturday, June 19, 2010

Review: Lip Balms

Lots of people love lip balms - like Gloss Queen, for example. Me, not a fan. STICKY. Ew. Having said that, in Winter I force myself to use them, because my lips get really dry and cracked. Usually I just buy some cheapo supermarket thing and be done with it. However, lately I've been buying a few from Etsy, and I've actually been quite enjoying them.

The lip balms from The Morbid The Merrrier are probably the least.... emollient? is that the right word?... ones that I have. I love these for that very reason. I hate that kind of "Vaseline" feel you get from greasier lip balms. They're also perfect for using under lipstick. The scents and flavours are lovely without being overpowering - I have Caramel Apple and Sweet Cream, and Noodles has Circus Peanuts.
Ingredients: "cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, sweet almond oil, flavor"

Noodles and I also have one lip luster each from Latherati Soap Foundry. Hers is Avarice, a gorgeous raspberry inspired by Wuthering Heights, and I have Golden Ticket, a yummy chocolate. Bet you can't guess which book inspired this one! These are a little more emollient than the ones from The Morbid The Merrier, but not at all greasy.
Ingredients: "a moisturizing blend of coconut, castor and avocado oils, mango butter, Vitamin E, flavor, beeswax"

And finally, a couple I bought recently from Body Language Soaps. This was my first purchase from them, and I'm quite pleased with them. They are softer and more emollient (damn it, is that the word I want?), so I wouldn't wear them under lipstick, but they're great for night time before you go to bed, or for make up free days. And again, still not greasy. I don't know whether lip balm manufacture in general has improved, or whether Etsy sellers just have a knack for making them feel nicer than the supermarket ones. I have Black Licorice, which I love - it smells and tastes like black jelly beans - and Noodles has Strawberry Cream. Her review: "It tastes nice, and it smells nice and it works pretty well." Can't get much better than that.
Ingredients: "Macadamia Nut Oil, Sustainable Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Sustainable Palm Kernel Oil, Beeswax, Castor Oil, Flavor Oil"

Aside from the two lip balms, I also bought a lip tint from this store on a whim. It's called "Bitten", and is described as a "deep raspberry red with just a hint of shimmer". To be honest, it reminds me of blood, which in a way is sort of cool. I could see Twilight fans loving this. Here it is modelled by Noodles. Kind of cool, I think.


  1. I've never bought lip balm off Etsy but I think I need to. All of these balms sound amazing!

  2. I agree with GQ! I had never even thought about purchasing lip balms from etsy... I'm going to go window shop now :)

  3. You never know what you might find on Etsy!